What’s in My Yoga Bag

What's in My Yoga BagI try so hard in my daily life to be organized. Once I read an ‘editors note’ by the editor of Real Simple Magazine where she said there were two types of people who read her magazine: The extremely organized & and those who strive to be organized but never will be. I most certainly fall into the latter category. Sometimes I feel as though if I read an article about being organized it counts as being organized. But it doesn’t! I still have junk drawers. My home is still filled with clutter. Despite designating hooks and baskets and shelves for our loose items the cop and I still dump onto the kitchen table when we come home. But I continue to try my hardest and not give up.

One of the areas I have gotten better about organizing is my morning work bag and gym bag. Mostly this is due to the fact that I can’t think straight in the morning. It is much easier to just have everything I need read to go the night before.

More specifically of late I’ve spent time organizing my gym bag/yoga bag. It is so helpful to have just a few necessary items on hand to get to yoga on time, have everything you need and feel refreshed after.

What's In My Yoga Bag | Rose Tinted Home


Yoga Clothes – My standard is a pair of leggings (previously put to the ‘bend over’ test in front a mirror. the last thing you want is a pair of see-through pants in someone’s face when you are doing your cat/cows), a low impact sports bra and a tight tank top. I also always keep extra hair ties on hand.

Yoga Mat and Mat Bag – I bought my Gaiam yoga mat at Marshall’s for about $15. I’ve owned it now for about 2 years and it still looks brand new. Highly recommend. My mom made my yoga mat bag – but this one from Yoga Island on Etsy looks as though it is made from the same pattern. I love mine!

Hand Towel – Depending on how hot your yoga class is you may need to bring a full size towel or just a hand towel for your mat. I bring a hand towel to Power Yoga – which is hot but not near as sweaty as say a Bikram class. I typically use a basic beach towel for Bikram, but you could also buy one of these gorgeous ridiculously expensive No Slip towels from Athleta.

Water Bottle – Our yoga studio makes fresh water with fruit in it (pineapple, melon, orange, oh my!) available each day. I always bring a water bottle to stock up and rehydrate after class.

Eye Pillow – Have you ever used an eye pillow for Savasana? If you haven’t… You should immediately. They offer eye pillows to students at our studio, but the cases seem to be very rarely washed. Ick. After sweating in a class for 90 minutes I hardly want to share a pillow that has been on someone else’s face. So I bring my own.

Mat Cleaner – They have cleaner available at my studio, but it is harsh and chemical smelling. So I keep ‘Manduka Mat Renew’ natural mat cleaner in my bag to clean my mat after each session. Trust me, next time you are in child’s pose you’ll be happy you didn’t use the bottle of industrial bleach that was on hand.

Body and Face Wipes – Many times I go straight from my yoga class back to the office. Our studio does not have showers available. So I always keep a stick of deodorant, body spray and wipes available to freshen up. I use Pond’s Evening Soothe Wet Cleansing Towelettes on my entire body.

Other Beauty Items Hair ties to keep my hair in a tight bun on top of my head. The last thing I want to worry about during yoga is fixing my do. For after practice? Dove Cucumber Deodorant, Blowpro ‘faux dry’ Dry Shampoo to refresh my mane.

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Do you have any standbys that you bring with you to yoga? I love finding new products so please share in the comments!

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