Wedding Palette Inspiration

When the cop and I decided to have our wedding in June 2016, we knew that it seemed a bit far off. I wanted to be sure that we had time to plan everything, reserve what we like and also enjoy visiting with friends and family during our engagement. The downside of a 20 month engagement is that right now there really isn’t much to do. We’ve decided on a date, reserved the reception venue and booked the church. For now there really isn’t much to do except start to narrow down the vision for our wedding. The trouble with Pinterest (and before that is that I’ve planned about 20 make-believe weddings in my head. They’ve ranged from ocean front nautical, to grand golden ballroom to rustic barn wedding. I’ve planned hypothetical weddings in the spring, summer fall and winter. The colors have ranged in every color of the rainbow.

Now that reality has set in and we’ve actually picked a venue, it narrows down our theme and color options slightly. The Terrace Room at the Statler is very bold and grandiose. Think gold gilded chairs, a black and white checked floor and sage draped curtains.  This means that we are going big, ballroom wedding, which narrows out a lot of the ‘rustic’ DIY wedding decor ideas that are out there.

For now I’m looking at color palettes and trying to decide what would best fit our wedding. A June wedding needs to be bright and airy, but our grand ballroom is dark and romantic. We need to find the balance that feels right to us!

Here are a few of the wedding color palettes I’m considering. A little wedding palette inspiration for everyone! Which one is your favorite?

Black and White Stripes with Blush Accents

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 Black and White with Magnolia Accents

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 Dusty Blue

Wedding Palette Inspiration | Rose Tinted HomeImages via: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10]

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