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Phew! Back from a whirlwind month of vacations and finally settling into a routine at home! Now that the cop and I are home we are starting to think more and more about our wedding (we’re *finally* almost at the year away point). Our wedding is so far away that I have to admit I haven’t felt like planning much. Being out of town while planning your wedding makes things challenging, and with a date so far in the distance it seems pointless to think about in the present.

That being said, I have at least had time to organize my wedding inspiration (i.e. Pinterest boards) and start thinking in general of the theme I want for our wedding. Your theme will be strongly influenced by your ceremony and reception locations – so brides-to-be keep that in mind! The cop and I really chose our ceremony and reception sites because they were beautiful, and centrally located. After we made the decision and put down the deposits I realized that our choices ultimately determined the type of wedding we were going to have – whether I liked it or not! We chose a grand Catholic cathedral for the ceremony and an ornate golden ballroom for the reception. So right then and there I knew looking through my pinterest boards all rustic-chic wedding ideas, nautical themed ideas, beautiful jewel toned fall weddings and/or spring pastels would sort of be out of the picture as theme options.

Now I’m totally good with this – I really like the way our wedding vision is coming together. But a little advice for brides to be out there: Think about your wedding reception location in terms of theme! If you pick an open, white, bright space it can really be converted into whatever you like (we would have had this option had we chosen the Lafayette Hotel). If you choose a reception site that has a strong theme in the room already, you sort of need to go with that existing theme.

So with that realization, today I bring to you the Wedding Inspiration from the Wedding We’re Not Planning. Beautiful and carefully curated ideas I had for my perfect seaside wedding, my beautiful pastel floral wedding, dramatic jewel-toned fall wedding and the adorable DIY rustic chic wedding I had planned in my head. I hope those of you who are still planning your weddings find this wedding inspiration helpful!

The Nautical Wedding

Nautical Wedding Inspiration | Rose Tinted Homeimages via

[1] Knot placeholder [2] Coral cake in white [3] Striped tablecloth [4] Blue hydrangea with ribbon [5] Watercolor invitations [6] Driftwood sign [7] Guest book in a bottle [8] Pretty baby’s breath hair

The Pretty Pastel Wedding

Pastel Wedding Inspiration | Rose Tinted Homeimages via

[1] Colorful naked wedding cakeĀ  [2] Ombre escort cards [3] Ombre centerpieces [4] Pink ribbon backdrop [5] Beautiful bouquet [6] Gorgeous invitations [7] Pastel floral bridesmaids

Stay tuned tomorrow for additional wedding inspiration from the wedding we’re not planning – The fall wedding of my dreams and the DIY rustic chic wedding you’ve been pinning *ahem* I mean pining for for years.


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