Things to do Before Going on Vacation

Things to do Before Vacation - Rose Tinted Home
So the cop and I have planned for a lovely weekend in his hometown in Massachusetts, and I’m busy getting the house in order for us to be away for the week. There are always things to consider when you are vacationing out of town – whether it’s for business or pleasure. Here is a list of to-do items to check off the next time you plan on leaving home.

1. Program your Thermostat. Especially important in hot muggy Savannah. Be sure to turn the thermostat up so that the A/C (or heat if you are vacationing in the winter) isn’t cranking out wastefully while you are away. We plan on turning our thermostat to about 80/82 degrees during our time away. Extra bonus points for making sure that all of your shades are down and blinds are closed, just to keep out any extra heat.

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2. Give your neighbor a heads up. Do you have a friend or a neighbor you can trust? Maybe your landlord lives in the same building? Give them a heads up that you’ll be out of town. They can keep an eye on things to make sure that everything seems normal around your vacated pad during the time your away. Be sure to leave a contact number with them as well, just in case they need to get in touch. As an extra precaution against break ins spend a few bucks on a timer from your local hardware store to make sure there is a light on in the evenings.

3. Think ahead and take care of any bills. Are you vacationing around the first of the month? Be sure to think ahead about which bills may arrive in the mail while you are away. If possible call ahead and make an early payment on some of your anticipated bills to avoid missing a payment deadline.

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4. Put a hold on your mail. USPS makes this an easy process now, you can actually put a hold on your mail for the time you are out of way right up until the night before you leave. Visit their website request form at: USPS Hold Mail

5. Give your apartment a thorough cleaning. There’s no better feeling than coming home to a clean home (and no worse feeling than walking in on a disaster zone from last minute packing). Make sure that all of your laundry is clean and put away, clear clutter off of your kitchen table and counters, and make sure that you spend a half hour vacuuming and wiping surfaces down. You’ll breathe a sigh of relief when you walk into your tidy abode after a day of travel to get there. A few things to take care of:

  • Empty fridge of perishable items
  • Empty garbage cans
  • Water plants one last time
  • Lock all windows and doors
  • Turn water off
  • Set timer switches on light
  • Unplug electronics


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