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St Joseph Cathedral | Rose Tinted WeddingWedding plans are moving right along! One thing I’ve realized about getting married in a relatively small city is that things book up fast. Most wedding checklists out there advise you to book things like the venue for the ceremony and reception, the photographer and the band about 10 months out. This may work in larger cities that have many options but in a smaller city like Buffalo I’m finding the best of the best book up well over a year in advance. So I’ve moved things up a little on my Wedding Planning Checklist and started researching our options.

St Joseph Cathedral 2The cop and I spent a weekend in Buffalo a few months ago looking at venues for the reception and also the church. The venue was a bit of a drawn out decision. I was torn right down the middle between the Terrace Room at the Statler and the Lafayette Hotel. In the end we decided on the Statler not only for the beautiful room but because of its convenient location for our guests.

St Joseph CathedralThe church was not the long internal struggle that the reception venue was. We looked at three downtown churches in the Buffalo area, and as soon as we walked into this one the cop was sold. St. Joseph Cathedral is a grand and beautiful church nestled right in the downtown area (adjacent to the Buffalo Police Headquarters ironically enough). The church itself is extremely ornate but also light, bright and airy at the same time. We fell in love.

St Joseph Cathedral 3Now that we’ve officially decided on a cathedral church wedding for the ceremony and a grand golden ballroom for our reception, I think you could say we’ve officially decided to have a formal affair. Planning thus far has been daunting but fun. I’ll be honest in saying that although I’m enjoying wedding planning… I’m looking forward to the big decisions being over. I consider the ‘Big Four’ to be: the ceremony venue, the reception venue, the photographer and the band. Those are the decisions that will ultimately impact the look and experience of your wedding. Now that we have the ceremony and reception venues reserved, we’re onto looking at photographers and bands!


Stay tuned for more Rose Tinted Wedding updates to come!

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  1. I’ve been missing home a lot lately and this doesn’t help! haha Your wedding is going to be beautiful! St. Joe’s is so stunning!! Can’t wait to see more……

    If you’re still looking for photographers, check out my friend Dawn! (Dawn Gibson Photography) She’s amazingly talented!!!

    1. You are so sweet! I understand the feeling – I always get homesick around St. Patrick’s day because my family members are bagpipers so it is a big family affair every year. This year I am actually going home for it! So excited (though some may think it’s crazy to want to spend the holiday in 30 degree Buffalo as opposed to 70 degree Savannah). I’ll think of you and send you happy thoughts when I’m there!

      Thank you for the referral! 🙂 Dawn’s work is beautiful I actually have been talking with her!


  2. What a MAGNIFICENT venue! I’m not a churchy person, they usually make me feel claustrophobic, but that is a beautiful cathedral!

    1. Thank you Terri! I understand the sentiment! I was raised Catholic but to be honest the amount of red tape and hoops to jump through in order to get married in the church has been intimidating and unnerving! In the end though I’m happy we are keeping with the tradition and faith of our families. And we are certainly blessed to have our ceremony in such a beautiful space!

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