Summer Bucket List

Summer Bucket List, Rose Tinted Home

Let’s face it, the summer is always a whirlwind. I sometimes feel as though every weekend from now until September has something planned. Don’t get me wrong, it is a very good thing, but sometimes I feel as though I need to consciously step back, take a breath and just remind myself to enjoy. This was the idea behind my Summer Bucket List. I wanted to make sure that I was really enjoying this summer in the south. It could be my last here in the south and I certainly want to make sure I take advantage of all Georgia has to offer. I even plan on knocking a few items off my 30-before-30 list this summer.


Pilot Field

  • Head Out to a Ball Game – Our local baseball team is the Savannah Sand Gnats. They are a fairly small team in terms of the league they play in, but events like $1 draft night are enough to make me a lifelong fan.
  • Try Stand Up Paddleboarding – This is an item on my 30 before 30 list and it seems like something I could definitely knock off the list this summer. Now that the cop has weekends off this summer seems like the perfect time to try a new sport.
  • Take a Boat out for a Spin – We don’t have a boat here in Georgia but we do plan to travel to New England in July to spend some time with the cop’s family. And they have a boat. I can’t wait to enjoy the best parts of coastal Mass during our week-long stay!
  • Have a good old-fashioned BBQ and Game Night – We have friends who have an amazing patio fully equipped with a grill, a smoker and a giant porch swing. I’m looking forward to summer nights where we BBQ and potluck with friends. My goal this summer is to introduce game night with our friends! Charades anyone?
  • 4 Words: Lime in the Coconut – I absolutely love summer cocktails. The one negative (along with no parking, no storage space, tiny kitchen) of our apartment downtown is that we do not have an outdoor space. Goodness I would love a deck to enjoy the outdoors! But we make due with what we have – we grill out in the parking pad of our apartment and throw a grill on the tailgate of the cop’s truck and we’ve even enjoyed a little rooftop sunbathing outside our bedroom window. Yes – we actually climb out the window. My goal this summer is to have fun with fruity low cal cocktail options for the summer months.
  • Perfect the Art of making Iced Coffee – Being from Massachusetts, land of Dunkin’ Donuts lovers, the cop has a thing for iced coffee. He’d prefer iced coffee over hot coffee any day, and that is never more true than in the steamy months of a Georgia summer. I’ve learned since dating him that making iced coffee is not simply brewing coffee and dumping it over ice (clearly it couldn’t be that simple). So a goal for this summer is to perfect the process of an at home Iced Coffee.
  • Shop at a Local Farmer’s Market – Savannah has a great farmers market in Forsyth Park every Saturday morning, which is just a few blocks away from our apartment. I love to take advantage of the fresh local produce that they sell there. My next purchase from the farmer’s market will most definitely be the local Savannah roasted coffee!
Riley at the Beach 2
  • Head to the Beach – We live 20 minutes from Tybee Island and 40 minutes from Hilton Head. I have big plans this summer to soak in as much sun and salt water as possible.
  • Go to an Outdoor Concert – This one may be difficult since there isn’t a huge music scene here in Savannah, but I know we could at least attend a concert at the Jazz Festival this summer in Forsyth Park.
  • Focus on Sticking to my Eating Plan – Eating healthy is a constant battle for me. I am a snacker and I am blessed in that I have a strong metabolism. However, I know that rounding on 28 I really do need to put some focus on eating clean, and monitoring when I snack. The cop has ridiculously healthy eating habits so I’m lucky in that I will have a support system at home for my new healthy eating plan this summer.
  • Take a Weekend Away – This one I convinced him of early! We already took a weekend trip to Amelia Island and in June we have a trip planned to Reddington Beach Florida to visit with my very best friend who will be in town for a wedding. It was my goal to take as many weekend trips as possible while living here in Savannah – since a 2 hour day trip to us here would be a huge drive once we move up north. I still have Charleston, Orlando and Atlanta as the next go-to weekend locations.

Thanks for visiting my rose tinted world!