50 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Him and Her

Christmas is just around the corner! The cop and I actually exchanged gifts last night because we are traveling for the holidays. I loved every minute of it! We both seemed to find the perfect gifts for each other, and the cop even went so far as to shop for stocking stuffers! I often have trouble finding good gifts for stockings, but I think they key when looking for stocking stuffer ideas is to keep it simple. What are the items they use everyday? Find those! What a wonderful gift to not have to go out and purchase the necessities yourself. Things like lip balm, gum, hair ties, your favorite tea or coffee. Those are the best stocking stuffers! The cop gifted me bobby pins, hair bands, lotion, and hand sanitizer. While my gifts to him were under armour athletic socks and his favorite dark chocolate candy bars.

Here is a quick round up of 50 Out of the Box Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Him and Her. Small gifts and a few larger ones thrown in. These are perfect for the special someone on your list.
Stocking Stuffer Ideas | Rose Tinted Home
Stocking Stuffers for Him
  1. Earbuds
  2. Small Cologne
  3. Space Pen
  4. Gift Cards
  5. Nail Trimmer Set
  6. Gourmet Meat Rub/Spices
  7. Protein Bars
  8. Multi Tool
  9. Body Wash
  10. Extra Phone Charger
  11. His Go To Candy
  12. Car Wash Wipes
  13. Grill Brush
  14. Beer Coozie
  15. Athletic Socks
  16. Favorite Nuts
  17. Hot Sauce
  18. Chapstick
  19. Bottle Opener
  20. Hand Sanitizer
  21. Personalized Golf Club Toppers
  22. Vitamins
  23. Tea
  24. Hand Warmers
  25. Tie Bar

Stocking Stuffers for Her
  1. Business Card Holder
  2. Lotion
  3. Rollerball Perfume
  4. Lip Scrub
  5. Bath Bombs
  6. Candles
  7. Nail Polish
  8. Chic Hair Ties
  9. Resistance Bands
  10. Cups for Bento Box
  11. Sleep Mask
  12. Cookie Cutters
  13. Gourmet Coffee
  14. Cord Holders for Nightstand or Desk
  15. Key Fob
  16. Bobby Pins
  17. Earrings
  18. Rubber Spatula
  19. Starbucks Gift Card
  20. Cosmetics Case
  21. Personalized Note Cards
  22. Passport Holder
  23. Movie Tickets
  24. Pin Cushion
  25. Make Up Brushes

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  1. Amazing?! Can you stuff MY stocking…I’ll take all 25. 😉 You have such a cute blog! Xo, Alison


    1. Thanks Alison! Sometimes the simple gifts are the best! I hope you had a wonderful holiday! xo Rachel

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