Spring Wreath Round Up

Spring Wreath Round Up | Rose Tinted HomeSpring is here! Finally! Time to open your windows, do a little cleaning and brighten up your space. And my favorite way to brighten up a home is with a wreath. To me there is nothing better than coming home and seeing a beautiful wreath gracing my front door.

Sadly we’ve been so busy lately that our front door has been barren since the beginning of February. I kept our beautiful silver Christmas wreath up as long as I could, but around the first week of February I knew it had to be retired to storage. Talk about a sad sight. Something had to be done!

I love the look of twig wreaths. Rustic and study – you can dress them up for any season. The problem is that wreath bases (of any kind) can be expensive! I hate paying full price for decorative items at craft stores when I know they can be found in abundance second hand. Whenever I happen to be in a thrift store (vintage shop, estate sale, or garage sale) I always keep my eyes open for wreaths in good condition. A few weeks ago I lucked out when I found this 14″ wreath at Good Will for only $1.99. I knew it would be perfect for our spring door.

Spring Wreath Round Up | Rose Tinted HomeThe past few months I’ve been trying to stick to a budget and be mindful of needless spending, so my spring wreath was a collection of supplies I already had on hand. In fact the entire wreath only cost $2.99 to make. I used flowers I had from another project, a piece of wire rimmed ribbon that was tucked away in my craft supplies and a cute $1 item from the dollar store to keep things budget friendly.Spring Wreath Round Up | Rose Tinted Home

They had a few cute options (can’t stress this enough – pick and choose at the Dollar Store and you can really find great materials). I couldn’t decide if I should go with the larger glitter eggs, or many many small ones, or even an Easter bunny sitting in the center of the wreath.

In the end I was drawn to bright colors and the rest is history. Here is my new spring wreath!

Spring Wreath Round Up | Rose Tinted HomeAnd for those of you looking to tackle a craft project this weekend – a little inspiration. Here are my 10 favorite spring wreaths! A Spring Wreath Round Up with plenty of great ideas to get you started on your design.

Spring Wreath Round Up | Rose Tinted Home

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10]
I’d love to see your next wreath project! Link up in the comments if you’ve made something recently!

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