I wouldn’t be a true Buffalonian if I didn’t share a little bit about what’s going on in Buffalo, NY the last few days. For those of you that don’t watch the news, Buffalo has been dumped on by a large storm of lake-effect snow. They are calling it Snowvember. 5 feet in some places to be exact, and expecting 2-3 more feet by Friday. Even for Buffalo, that’s a lot of snow in a day or two. The city is completely shut down – and trust me there is no city that has snow equipment like Buffalo. The plows can’t handle the weight and height of the snow and are getting stuck, so the city is resorting to bringing in construction equipment.

Snowvember 2Snowvember 7Snowvember 6Snowvember 12Snowvember 8My family lives in the southtowns, which is the area that usually gets hit the hardest. It is also the town where the Buffalo Bills Stadium resides. These pictures are from my family and friends, all living in and around the Buffalo area. I wanted to share a few family photos from the past few crazy days!

Snowvember 1Snowvember 9I know this sounds crazy, because most of you are probably thinking that I’m SO relieved I’m in Savannah and not Buffalo. But I almost wish I was home. I am not in any way making light of the situation (Buffalo is still really in a state of emergency, most people can’t get out of their homes since major streets are not plowed let alone side streets, and people have died). But I do have many happy memories of snow days in Buffalo. You settle in, eating soup and snuggling under blankets. Play outside in a head to toe snow suit until you are so exhausted you can’t move. Then inside for hot chocolate and movies next to the fireplace. I have to admit I’m a northern girl at heart and a small part of me misses it! But from Savannah I’m sending those back home warm wishes and happy thoughts! I hope the snow stops soon and begins to melt to give the city some relief.

Snowvember 14Snowvember 13Snowvember 15Oh and just for a little comic relief – signing off here is a picture of my aunt and cousin in their backyard hot tub. Making the most of the storm. Buffalo style.

Snowvember 5Stay Safe Buffalo!

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  1. I’m a Buffalo girl living in the south too! My whole family lives in WNY still and they got hammered! Boy am I glad I didn’t have to deal with it! haha 😉

    1. PS: How do you like living in Savannah? We’re looking to move and have checked out some places in FL and SC and I’ve always wondered about Savannah. I’d love to know what you think!

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