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Sharpie Wine Glasses | Rose Tinted HomeGreetings all! Since yesterday when I posted a sneak peek into our Christmas Photo Card I’ve been tempted to start getting into the Christmas spirit. Tempted I say. Not actually celebrating yet. But suffice it to say I’m happy that we are in the time of year where we can start to say “Happy Holidays” to each other (Thanksgiving included of course) and festive clothing and home items are everywhere you look.
Sharpie Wine Glasses 4Sharpie Wine Glasses 2Which brings me to today’s easy DIY project – Sharpie Wine Glasses. Yesterday as I was perusing for gift ideas for this Christmas (just looking…) I came across gorgeous stemless glassware from Grandiflora Home. I love the look of these glass tumblers, and they would be perfect for any party from Thanksgiving to New Years. I wanted to share them with you today in case they catch your eye and you want to make an early gift purchase for family or a friend. Only $58 for a set of 4.
Or if these are only slightly out of your budget, you can try my easy DIY project for festive holiday wine glasses. I made these last night while watching my favorite bad TV show (19 kids and counting) using just a few clean wine glasses (purchased from the Dollar Store for a buck a piece) and a silver Sharpie Paint Pen. It took a steady hand and about 20 minutes of attention. And now I have a set of gorgeous glasses to use for celebrations and general merriment. Sharpie Wine GlassesSharpie Wine Glasses 3I love the idea of silver and gold to accent a holiday table. I hope you have fun trying this easy DIY Sharpie Wine Glasses project!

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  1. What a creative and easy idea!! This could even be fun for an engagement party or bridal shower! You can even replicate those glass tumblers. Now I’m tempted to go to the dollar store and try this! Thanks!

    1. Liana – This would be so cute for a bridal shower – you could mix metallics with pinks or blues for baby boys or girls. I hope you enjoy! It was so easy and only cost a few dollars to tackle.


      1. Would the ink wash off?

        1. Jana – It hasn’t yet! I hand wash my wine glasses because I’m too afraid to put them into the dishwasher. So these are hand wash only. But it’s been over a year and they still look great!

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  3. Bridgette T says: Reply

    Would putting a coat of modge podge over the design make it look different?

    1. It might slightly alter the opacity of the glass. You could try a clear spray instead?

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