September Checklist

September in Savannah
Today I woke up to sun showers and a rainbow on my way to work! Happy September from Savannah! It’s already September 4th, but I haven’t talked at all about the dawning of a new month! I guess with babies being born (My niece born Monday, September 1st, Patricia Arline! PLUS Margo went to the hospital just this morning!), school starting up and trips to plan (we leave for Buffalo tomorrow morning!) things have gotten away from me.
That being said I am fully ready to get excited for September and all it brings! For most of you normal people out there September means cooler air, breaking out sweaters and boots and watching the leaves begin to change. We here in Savannah are only hopeful that the rain will eventually stop and we’ll start seeing 80 degree days instead of afternoons in the high 90s or 100s.

I am ready to embrace it! Goodbye muggy Savannah summer, Hello beautiful warm fall.
For all of you to join in, here is my September Checklist:

  • New York Fashion Week: Today’s the day! September 4th marks New York Fashion Week. I love following the runway shows not only for the literal style eye-candy but because it connects me to my work and my students (I work with students in design). Read up on Who and What to Know from the NY Times. Also find the full NY Fashion Week Schedule here. Drink it up!
  • Pumpkin Spice Latte: Speaking of drinks, the drain on all of our bank accounts is officially back in stores. Wait for the first day that doesn’t feel sweltering hot and rush on over to Starbucks for your first taste of fall. Soon to follow? Pumpkin cookies, breads, pasta and beer (Shipyard Pumpkinhead – the cops personal favorite). Goodness I love the taste of fall!
  • Back to School Clothes: No it doesn’t matter that you no longer go back to school. This is the time to stock up on new work essentials. Take a look at your existing work wardrobe. Are your classic black pants now a dull gray? Do your blouses have more stains than a Pollack painting? How about those classic black pumps.. is the metal stud sticking out the bottom of the heel. Dress for success. Go out and find yourself some new work wardrobe staples. Remember you dress for the job you want, not the job you have. Loft is my go to for work-place stapes on a budget. Needing these slim ankle pants in black and this crisp white tuxedo shirt for back to work.
  • Resume Update: Speaking of the job you want, when’s the last time you took a look at your resume? I make it my goal to edit and update my resume twice a year. Fall is a great time to do it, right before most companies perform annual reviews and raises. Not only will you give your resume a polish but it’ll call to mind all of the reasons why you are so deserving of that merit increase.
  • Let Fall Decor Explode. I don’t know about you, but I love fall decorations. Hardy mums, pumpkins, colorful leaves. Something about fall makes me want to bring the outdoors in (or OK in our case bring the northern outdoors to my southern home). When in the south, speak as the southerners do –> Loving this sign from Colors on Canvas and this fall wreath tutorial from Little Lovelies.
  • Football. And all of the glory that comes with it. Today on the dawn of football season we now have 2 TVs in our living room so that the cop and I can watch both of our teams at the same time (and still be together.. awww). We are so excited for football and all that it brings – the game, the beer, the snack food (nachos for dinner tonight to watch the league opener) and the friends. September is often the time where my team (the Bills) still have a little hope in their hearts… before our season comes crashing down around us in October and November.



How are you spending your fall season? I’m brimming with excitement! Hopefully we will get to meet Margo’s little baby girl this evening!

Thanks for visiting my rose tinted world!