The Proposal

I am still on cloud 9. This feeling is surreal. We’re engaged. The cop wants to marry me. Can you even believe that?
The week has been a whirlwind. I’ve laughed. I’ve cried. I’ve been a little spacy. I’ve felt completely overwhelmed.
One week ago today the cop proposed in Newport, RI. We were in town for the weekend visiting the cop’s family in Massachusetts. And on Monday morning we decided to tour around Rhode Island. The cop went to Roger Williams in Bristol, RI so we though it might be fun to see his alma mater and then visit the towns in the area. Our first stop was in Newport, where the cop took me to see Oceans Drive and mansions in the area. What a sight! All I could do was press my face to the window and stare in wonder at some of the homes in that area. They are truly out of this world. We drove along the twists and turns of Oceans Drive, which is a road along the rocky coast of Newport, simply talking and enjoying the scenery. When the cop pulled up to a local park overlooking cliffs and suggested we take in the sights I was only too happy to oblige. We had just started walking along the cliffs edge overlooking the ocean, when he spun around and dropped to one knee, and asked me that fateful question. I was in disbelief. I quickly nodded my head yes and barely squeaked out the word ‘yes’ before getting choked up. The most amazing private and personal moment in my life.
 The Proposal | Rose Tinted Home
That morning we spent time just… enjoying. We decided right then and there that we weren’t going to tell people right away – we wanted to simply bask in the moment. The cop had made a reservation at a local steakhouse on the water, and we spent the morning wandering in and out of local shops in Newport. The second shop we stopped in had a sign that was too good to be true ‘Just Engaged in Newport’. We knew it was meant to be.
In the past week we’ve spent our time calling family and friends and enjoying the moment. I can’t believe how quickly the week went by. Tomorrow I look forward to sharing a bit of advice for you ladies who are hoping to be engaged in the upcoming months.. Stay tuned for “Things to Do Immediately After You Get Engaged”

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