Preparing for Wedding Season

H, Preparing for Wedding Season We are deep into the wedding phase of life, and not just preparing for our own nuptials, but our friends’ blessed events! It seems that everyone around us is blissfully in love and inviting 200 of their closest friends to celebrate that love with them. And guess what. I love weddings! Really and truly I look forward to them on my calendar. How can you not love an event with an open bar and great dance music? And really any night where the cop dresses up in a suit and tie is a win in my book (so handsome).

The trouble with weddings is that they sometimes sneak up on you. Marked on your calendar, the date inked in well in the future, and then suddenly BAM. It’s this weekend. And you don’t have a dress to wear. Or a card. Or a gift. Or that beautiful wrapping paper and ribbon you are supposed to use when wrapping wedding gifts (Since the invention of Pinterest it’s like we’re all supposed to have rooms dedicated to wrapping paper or something).

We’re quickly approaching wedding season (it starts a little earlier down south since March-May is beautiful in Georgia – 80 degrees and sunny today!), so my advice to everyone out there is to prepare now! Save yourself the time and stress (and sometimes a few extra dollars) involved with rushing around at the last minute.

First and foremost, think about the dress. Not the wedding dress. Your dress! What are you going to wear? Run over this mental checklist in your mind:

  • What dresses do you have in your closet?
  • Do they fit?
  • Do they need to be dry cleaned?
  • Have you worn them to weddings in the past and would you wear them again? (This doesn’t bother me but in general I do generally try to avoid wearing the same dress to a wedding where I know I’ll see all of the same people.)
  • Do you have all of the accessories you need: clutch, appropriate undergarments, shoes, coordinating shawl or pashmina for chilly weather?

If you need an item, whether it’s a new dress or just a new pair of pumps, start looking now! I always have my eyes open for formal dresses when there are sales or deals going on. If you wait until the weekend before to buy your new dress or formal pair of satin pumps you are going to pay full price. And we know how overpriced formal wear is. So start looking ahead of time and shop the sales! You’ll thank yourself down the road. Trust me. (ShopBop seems to be having a sale at the moment.. or did you not hear from literally EVERYONE in blog-land?)

The next step is the card and gift wrap. My go-to stores are HomeGoods (for cards) and the Dollar Store (for paper and/or ribbon). HomeGoods is a great place to stock up on cards. It’s where I buy all of my thank you notes (which you know I go through like hot cakes from this post a few months back). It’s also where I peruse for birthday cards, sympathy cards, congratulations cards and wedding cards. They have a great selection and the best part is – the cards look expensive (I hate giving people those 99 cent cards from stores, they just look cheap) but they usually ring in at about $1.99 or $2.99. Much cheaper than the cards you’d find at a drug store or Target. Sure it’s only a dollar saved here and there – but that can really add up during wedding season! Having a box stocked with cards will not only save you money but also the stress of having to run out to pick up a card on the day of the wedding. HomeGoods also has great gift wrap items that are usually pretty cheap. That’s one of those items I look for on their clearance shelf. If it’s there… I buy it and stash it for later.

A few other cards I’m absolutely lovin’ on Etsy:
Wedding Cards | Rose Tinted Home
[1] [2] [3] [4]

My other go to store for wrapping supplies is the Dollar Store. If you pick and choose there you can find some really cute stuff (Repeat: pick and choose. There is also a lot of ugly stuff). Mix Dollar Store wrapping with a quality fabric bow and you have a look that will go a long way.

Preparing for Wedding Season | Rose Tinted HomeThe last item to check off is the gift. In my opinion this really isn’t something you can ‘stock up’ on and buy ahead of time – for the most part I like my gifts to be tailored to a couple’s individual needs and tastes. However it’s great to have a few go-to items or stores that spring to mind when you need a wedding gift. Stay tuned on Monday for my advice on Wedding Gift Ideas.

Thanks for visiting my rose tinted world!