Packing for Disney: A List for Adults

The countdown is on! Two more days before we drive to Disney! The cop and I plan to heard to Orlando at the crack-o-dawn on Saturday morning. It’s hard for me to contain my excitement for all that is to come! I’m so looking forward to experiencing this with the man I love!

Boardwalk Hotel Disney WorldWe’re staying on site at the Boardwalk Inn – my happy place. I love this hotel. I love the ambiance and the Boardwalk itself: Finding a white rocking chair for a few minutes quiet on the porch, waking up early and visiting the Boardwalk Bakery (newly expanded I hear!), and the late night strolls over the Epcot’s World Showcase. Truly a magical place.

We’re visiting Disney World with my parents and sister and brother-in-law. An adults only trip – none of us have kids yet. As I’m getting ready it occurred to me that it might be helpful for some readers out there who are new to Disney to provide a few packing tips and tricks. This list is for adults only keep in mind. I haven’t experienced Disney as a mom yet!

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Packing for Disney: A List for Adults

[1] Shorts: Can usually be worn once or twice depending on how hot it may be. Typically for a week trip I’ll bring 4 or 5 pairs of shorts. My favorites || ae midi shorts, j.crew ikat short

[2] T shirts: I usually plan for at least 2 shirts a day (or dresses instead of shirts). I know that seems like a lot but trust me. Florida is hot and the last thing you want to do is walk around in a sweat soaked shirt from morning until night. A fresh change of clothes can really change your attitude and energy. My favorites || j.crew factory vneck tshirt, j.crew factory embroidered tunic

[3] Dresses: I am not one to wear dresses in the parks. I know some women do, but I just can’t imagine climbing in and out of rides in a dress. I do however pack a sundress or two for the evenings. Light, casual and wrinkle resistant is what you should look for. I opt for jersey and t shirt dresses. My favorites || old navy cami dress, twist jersey dress

[4] Rain Jacket: I always bring a light wind or rain jacket to stash in a back pack just in case. It also doubles as something to throw on if it gets chilly later in the evening (for cooler Florida months) My favorites || north face rain jacket; lululemon rain trench

[5] Poncho: It will inevitably rain on your Disney trip at least once. Bring a poncho so you can avoid the $8 Disney ponchos that pop up for sale from the gutters any time it sprinkles. My favorite || dollar tree rain poncho

[6] Long Sleeved Shirt/Button down: Something light weight than can be folded up and thrown in a small bag to bring to the park. This is great for cooler rides where the AC is cranking or again if it cools down later in the day. My favorites || gap denim shirt, north face wrap shirt

[7] Footwear: See yesterday’s post on Best Shoes for Disney. I typically bring 1 pair of sneakers (2 for trips 5 days or longer), 1 pair of ‘active’ sandals and 1 pair of comfortable sandals. My favorites || asics sneakers in beach glass, born comfort sandals

[8] Undergarments, Socks, Pajamas: Just like tshirts I tend to bring extra socks and underwear for Disney. What can I say I like to keep it fresh. My favorites || shortie set from plum pretty sugar, old navy boxers

[9] Simple Jewelry: I usually wear a simple gold necklace at the parks and maybe a pair of studs. Keep it simple – you don’t want to have to worry about jewelry getting lost during your trip. My favorites|| faux pearl studs, hammered gold necklace

[10] Sunglasses and a Hat: Especially in the hot summer months. My favorites || ray-ban aviators

[11] Bag for the Park: I love athletic string backpacks for the park because you can fill them up if you need to (think rainy days) but on days where you carry less they aren’t bulky. I also typically bring a bag that is more of a purse – like a small cross body bag. My favorites || cross body bag from old navy, adidas drawstring backpack

[12] Long Pants: Only if you are going in cooler months. 1 or 2 pairs should get you through. My favorites || boyfriend trousers, trekkie jogger from athleta

[13] Extras: All of those things you’d never think you’d need at Disney:

  • Swimsuit: My new triangl bikini finally came in!
  • Sunscreen: Neutrogena will always be my go to.
  • Medicine: Aspirin, Imodium, Dramamine. Just in case.
  • Frogg Toggs chilly pad: just wet this towel and it stays cool for hours. A life safer in the hot parks!
  • Ziploc bags: for your phone to keep dry on a water ride, for snacks for the park, for leftovers.
  • External phone battery: With the new MyMagic+ experience you will be using your smart phone, a lot. So make your life easier and bring an external charger to the park with you!
  • Band Aid Blister Cushions: Forget moleskin and bring these blister band-aids. They work wonders and they’ll stay on your skin for about 3 days.
  • Hand Sanitizer: Carry it with you in the parks for quick cleans.



That about sums it up! Do any of you have packing items you swear by for Disney? I’d love to hear about them! The cop and I are packing tonight!

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