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I’m on the brink of making a very large purchase (in my book at least) in the next few days. I’m looking to buy a new mac computer! My current laptop, a Macbook pro, is on its last leg. It has an old operating system, barely runs new software, needs a new battery and is running slower than ever. Time for an update! The problem is that I am still debating between a laptop and a desktop and I’m completely in the middle in terms of which way I want to go. Part of me loves the idea of the big gorgeous screen for editing photos and working in multiple windows. I also like the idea of having a desktop and an established office space to work at where I can sort of step away from the 398 things that distract me each day. The negative in this idea is that in our current apartment our desk space is tiny. We’d have enough room for the desktop but it really isn’t the idea work environment.

Desk Before

On the other hand I’m a little afraid to give up the flexibly that a lap top gives you for travel. It’s not often that I pack up my laptop and head to a coffee shop to work at, or haul it along on a vacation (I have an iPad that I travel with), but giving up that option entirely makes me nervous. The laptop however is a large step up in cost from the desktop. I could go with the laptop and then purchase a separate screen for home use. Sort of a ‘best of both worlds’ option – but that comes with the biggest price tag of all.

As you can see – I’m really not a tech person. I’m almost complete unconcerned with the RAM or gigabytes that a computer offers me. I’ll be the first to admit I really don’t deserve a big shiny mac because that terminology really means nothing to me. In this case I’m more concerned with the useability of a laptop vs a desktop and having it fit into my lifestyle.

So as I ponder, I’ll leave you with dreamy inspiration of offices from around the web, each outfitted with a beautiful mac computer. I’ll update you on my final purchase once I come to a decision!

Office Inspiration, Rose Tinted Home


Office Inspiration 2, Rose Tinted Home


Office Inspiration 3, Rose Tinted Home


Office Inspiration 4, Rose Tinted Home


Office Inspiration 5, Rose Tinted Home


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