October Checklist

October Checklist | Rose Tinted Home

October! Still 80 degrees in Savannah! Like it or not I REFUSE to enjoy summer anymore. Ok maybe a beach day or two this month. But after that I am ALL FOR FALL baby.

Think ahead – what do you want to accomplish this month! Hold yourself accountable! Here is my October Checklist:

Bring Riley to the Beach: Hilton Head beaches are officially no-leash, dog-friendly zones starting on October 1st. I know Riley will be beside himself to frolic, swim and run circles around us in the sand.
Soup: Is it cool enough for soup yet? I hope so because this week I plan to make a huge batch of my all time favorite Fall soup – Pureed Butternut Squash Soup. Stay tuned for the recipe!
Practice Yoga: School is in session and our campus yoga studio is officially open for business. I took a class yesterday and my body simultaneously screamed out “MAN! I haven’t used that muscle in a while!” and “Yoga where have you been all my life?”. My goal is to attend 3-4 classes per week to stay mindful and healthy.
Get a Flu Shot:Sometimes I put this off because I’m a. too busy and b. too lazy. This year I plan to take advantage of our employee benefit of flu shots on campus.
Take a Daily Vitamin: I am so bad about this! Making it my goal to take both a general women’s vitamin and a supplement of Vitamin D each day to stay healthy through fall.
Carve Pumpkins with the Cop: Good clean fun whether you are 5 or 35. The cop and I had fun with our carving last year but I have plans to top it this year.

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  1. Steve and I have plans to take the pups to the beach too 🙂

    1. We should go together! Riley loves playing with pup friends.

      1. Definitely! 🙂

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