November Goals

How is it November already? Are you all aware that we are now 3 weeks away from Thanksgiving and 7 from Christmas? Eek! There is so much to do. So much to enjoy. So much merriment to make.

We’re here in New England for just a few more days, but I’m already thinking ahead. In an attempt to get things done and stay organized, all while enjoying myself in the meantime, here is my list of November Goals!

November Goals

Learn how to create easy to read and print recipes for the blog. I am not tech saavy but I’m starting to realize I need to step it up a little in terms of formatting on the blog. I plan to take time this month to research a few new ideas to update Rose Tinted Home.

Learn how to create a project page. On the same note – Looking to organize a few of my ‘pages’ including the “About Me” and the addition of a projects page.

Get back to working out! 4-5 days a week either short runs, weight lifting or yoga. It has been a while people. Body parts are starting to become very squishy.

Take holiday photos with the cop for our cards. I actually managed to get the cop to agree to do a photo holiday card this year and I could NOT be more excited. I have always wanted to do a photo card and you really have to be in a certain phase of life in order to do one – i.e. it is a bit weird for a single gal to send out a picture of herself at Christmas. But throw together a cute couple and an adorable lab and you’ve got yourself a greeting card baby.

Plan a low key Thanksgiving for Two. Last year the cop and I were together on thanksgiving, and we created a HUGE thanksgiving dinner for two complete with roasted turkey and all the fixins. This year I’ll be traveling home to Buffalo for the actual Thanksgiving day, and the cop will have to work here in Savannah, but we’re going to do our own Thanksgiving dinner the weekend before. This year I plan to keep it low key (i.e. probably just a turkey breast instead of the whole bird) and low fat (last year I made way too many over the top indulgent recipes. we couldn’t move for days).

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  1. Rhiannon Nicole Bosse says: Reply

    Your blog is the cutest! I love how intentional yet realistic your goals are. We have some similar things to shoot for this month 🙂 Good luck!

    1. Thank you so much Rhiannon! Update me on how you are doing this month on your goals – we can help each other stay motivated!


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