50 New Year’s Resolutions Anyone Can Keep

50 New Year's Resolutions Anyone Can Keep | Rose Tinted Home
It’s almost that time of year! New Year’s Eve is just around the corner. Which means frantically running to the liquor store to grab a few of the cheapest bottles of champagne you can find (yes I’m almost 30 and still don’t spring for the good stuff) and making a list of everything you want to accomplish in the next year. I’m awful about goal setting and New Year’s Resolutions. I just can never seem to stay on top of things. So this year I did a little brainstorming about all of the ways I could make life better, healthier, more enjoyable, and I compiled this list of 50 New Year’s Resolutions Anyone Can Keep. Just some ideas to get the wheels turning for your own goals this year! Pick two or three that you can work on this year – setting short term goals for yourself allows you to work towards those big holistic goals (like wealth, health & happiness!).
Stay tuned this week for more New Year’s fun! Tomorrow a festive and delicious Cranberry Gin Cocktail recipe to serve up at your New Year’s Eve party (before you pop the champagne of course) and on New Year’s Day I’ll be sharing my own New Year’s Resolutions.

50 New Year’s Resolutions Anyone Can Keep

1. Work out 5 Days a Week. You don’t have to join a CrossFit club or train for a marathon to be fit in the New Year. Start small. Incorporate 30 minutes of exercise 5 days of the week and you’ll be on the right track.
2. Stop Beating Yourself Up about Skipping the Gym. Do you hate getting to the gym? I can tolerate it on most days but certainly not 5 days a week. It smells. It’s loud. People are bumping into you and asking if you are done with machines. Not exactly restorative in my mind. Instead find something you actually like to do for exercise! Maybe that’s yoga (like me) or tennis or walking in the park with a friend. Try something new this year!
3. Create Weekly Meal Plans. This saves money, time, frustration and can lead to healthier choices. Take some time and plan ahead with a weekly meal planner.
4. Stop Drinking Soda. If you still drink soda, make it your goal to stop or at least cut back! Save money and calories!
5. Go to the Dentist. I hate the dentist. But I force myself to go twice a year for cleanings. And yes I cry in the chair sometimes. But I’m there.
6. Watch Less TV. I’m guilty of heading home some days after work and plopping onto the couch to watch TV until bedtime. Does this sound like you? Make a goal of a certain number of TV hours per week. Once you’ve used them up… you’re done!
7. Go for a Daily Walk. Riley would appreciate this one. Take a daily walk, even if it is just 10 minutes around the block. Morning or evening, or even during your lunch break at work. Bring your pup with you if you have one.
8. Get a Makeover. There is nothing like changing up your look to make you feel bad ass. I’ve always wanted long hair for my wedding, but I’m fitting in one final chop this week for a fresh look for the new year! I can’t wait!
9. Get More Sleep. I’m a solid 8-9 hours per night kinda girl, but if you find yourself barely getting by on 5-6 hours make an effort to see where you can fit more sleep into your schedule.
10. Start Taking a Daily Vitamin. This one is too easy people. I skipped on vitamins for years because I could never get myself to swallow the pills. But I recently purchased a giant pack of women’s gummy vitamins and I stick to my daily dose easily. You can too!
11. Start Going to Church. Or if you aren’t religious find some time each week where you can reflect and give back. Maybe it’s yoga. Maybe meditation. Maybe it’s special quiet time with family.
12. Portion Control. Make your dinner plates and then put leftovers in the refrigerator immediately to prevent eating a second helping. When eating out draw a line down your plate and be sure that you are taking half home.
13. Wear Sunscreen. Everyday. No excuses.
14. Floss Daily. This one sort of explains itself right? I’m talking to you out there.

15. Try a New Hobby. Interested in photography? Learning a new language? Scrapbooking? Think about something you’ve always wanted to try and give it a go!
16. Reconnect with an Old Friend. Think back on someone who always brings a smile to your face when you hear their name. When’s the last time you reached out to them? Give them a call and set a date to grab coffee or lunch – or if they are far away send a thoughtful letter about how much they mean to you.
17. Complete a 90 Day Challenge. Any challenge. Weight loss, read books, take pictures, write in a gratitude journal. Force yourself to try something new for 90 days.
18. Meditate. My yoga teacher once told us you can’t ‘try’ to meditate. You just do it. The simple act of ‘trying’ to meditate is actually the deed itself. So give it a whirl for a few minutes each day. Some days will be easier than others. You never know… It may help you to be present for the other 23.5 hours each day.
19. Experience Culture. Visit a local museum you’ve never been to, or buy tickets for the symphony or local ballet. Introduce yourself to something completely new.
20. Establish Date Nights each Week or Month. Or if you are single establish a night each month you attend an event aimed to meet new people.
21. Try a 90 Day Declutter Plan. Clutter is an enemy of mine, constantly sneaking up on me. Search for a guide online to declutter and stick to it – a little each day.
22. Learn to Cook. Whether you are a beginner chef or Emeril himself, find some time to learn a new recipe or take a cooking class.
23. Travel. Pick a place you’ve never been and then set a date to go there. It doesn’t have to be an expensive dream vacation – maybe it’s just a weekend trip to a neighboring city you’ve never visited before.
24. Challenge Yourself. I have been putting off absolutely any research on how to write code. This year I make it my goal to take a few beginner courses. Just because it completely intimidates me doesn’t mean I shouldn’t challenge myself!

25. Start a new Savings Account. You may already have a savings account but if you don’t start one today! Whether it’s a small savings account attached to your checking account, a Roth IRA or simply starting to contribute to your 401K at work, make the effort this year. I’m going to start a savings plan this year for a new car.
26. Find 3 New People to Network with at Work. How well do you know the people in your office? They could be your next big connection. Think of 2 or 3 people you’d like to know better this year (or who are simply in positions at power at work and you’d like to get your name on their radar) and start to think about how you could introduce yourself or get to know them. It may be as simple as making conversation or going out for coffee. Or it might be offering your services or expertise in a particular area of need they may have.
27. Make a List of Interests and Priorities. What is your dream job? No idea? That’s ok! Take time this year to journal out some of your interests and priorities. Putting pen to paper and being mindful of what you want is the first step towards a fulfilling career.
28. Invest in Training and Development. Research professional organizations in your area and attend conferences, webinars, or training sessions to expand your knowledge and skills. Add these events to your resume.
29. Bring your Lunch to Work. How often do you buy lunch at work? I often run to the nearest cafe or sushi shop during lunch, especially on those weeks we forget to grocery shop. But all of those lunches add up! Save money by packing your lunch the night before. And keep easy go-to meals in your freezer (burritos, lean cuisines, chili, homemade hot pockets) for the weeks where you don’t have time to grocery shop or meal prep.
30. Don’t Use Your Cell During Work Events or Meetings. You really aren’t that important, and it sends the wrong message. Give the meeting your full attention and professionalism.
31. Speak Up in Meetings. Make an effort to contribute to every meeting, especially if you are usually silent. Grab a seat at the table near the front of the meeting so that you are engaged in every conversation.
32. Plan Gifts in Advance. This helps with stress and costs! Plan gifts ahead of time so that you can shop the sales. I’m already keeping lists (in Evernote) for birthday and Christmas ideas for my friends and family next year.
33. Pay Off your Credit Card in Full Every Month. I use my credit card almost like a debit card. The entire bill gets paid every month. Really the only reason I use credit cards are a. to keep my credit score high and b. to earn points on purchases (typically I earn back about $40 a month on my credit card bill). If you can’t pay off your credit card bill in full, you are spending too much. Sit down and look over your bill. What purchases do you need to cut back on?
34. Order Your Free Credit Report. It’s always a good idea to keep tabs on your credit, just for future knowledge. You are entitled to a free credit report each year (order from Experian, Equifax or ).
35. Edit and Update your Resume. This is something you should constantly be doing, but we often forget. Update your resume at least 2-3 times a year, especially if your job or duties change. This way you always have it ready if an opportunity comes up. Don’t forget to update any professional websites you may have as well including an online portfolio or linkedin.
36. Plan Out Your Work Wardrobe. Set aside 5 outfits each Sunday evening. Look ahead at weather forecasts. Iron and press items that are wrinkled. Planning ahead ensures you’ll be dresses for success each day (instead of wearing whatever crumpled sweater you can find at the top of your drawers).

Good Ideas
37. Nancy Reagan Them. Learn to Just Say No. Whether it’s an invite to go out for the 2nd or 3rd night in a row (Really? We’re almost 30…), a mass work email that there are donuts in the staff room, or to the colleague who constantly asks you to pick up their slack. Say no to anything that is not in your best interest this year.
38. Recycle. Do you recycle? I’m ashamed to say we don’t always but it would be so easy to make a little effort and start. Think about what you can do to make steps to go green.
39. Find a Charity you Believe In and Make an Annual Donation. For me this is easy – I support my alma mater and the Alzheimer’s Association. I try to increase my donations each year and also take the time to spread the word when they are having a donation drive.
40. Find a Charity you Believe In and Volunteer your Time. Money may be simple but time is often harder to give. Where could you donate your time this year? What would make you feel like you contributed to a cause?
41. Give Blood. Blood drives happen in every town every month. Find one that is convenient with your schedule and donate today!
42. Practice Gratefulness. Maybe it’s writing down one thing you are grateful for each day, perhaps it’s investing in a gratitude journal. Be mindful of one thing you are thankful for every day and think about how you can keep those blessings in your life.
43. Read Non-Fiction. Pick a topic, any topic, and go out and read a piece of non-fiction on it. Improve your vocabulary, your world history knowledge, your awareness of social opinions and viewpoints.
44. Clean Out Your Computer Files. What can be tossed? What do you need? Invest in an external hard drive to keep anything you’d hate to lose.
45. Keep Your Work Bag Free of Clutter. Receipts (organize them), loose change (throw it in a jar to collect), random cosmetics (use a travel bag to organize them). Organize your bag for an organized work day.
46. Try a Food You’ve Never Eaten. Try something new! You never know until you taste it.
47. Start a 2015 Photo Album. Start a photo book project on a website like MyPublisher or Shutterfly for 2015. Add pictures as you take them throughout the year. At the end of the year you have a completed collection of all of the best 2015 memories.
48. Deep Clean Something Each Month. Whether it’s reorganizing your closet. Deep cleaning your bathroom. Taking everything out of the kitchen cupboards and then putting it back in neatly. Take a day each of the 12 months and organize.
49. Try a New Fashion Trend. Something you’d never believe you could pull off. Open toe booties? Floppy hats? Ombre highlights? Trendy sunglasses? Wear with abandon and don’t think for a minute about the fact that you’ll probably look back in 10 years and laugh.
50. Make Your Bed. Each Day. Every Day. You’ll be so happy you did each night when you slip between crisp sheets.

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  1. Thanks for this post. It was a great read and although there were so many things on this list, they were more like little small lifestyle tweaks that I think it would be possible to work on most of them. I will be trying to bring my lunch to work more often to save some money in the new year!

    rae of love from berlin

    1. Thanks Rae! So many ideas I know but I’m making it my goal just to pick 3 or 4 to work on this year. My philosophy is to pick short-term goals which work towards a long term big picture!

      Happy New Year!

      xo Rachel

  2. Love this post! These are such great ideas — definitely things I can implement into my daily schedule. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Zelle! That’s the idea 🙂 Small simple goals you can set for yourself to really make a difference long term!

      I hope you have a wonderful New Year!

      xo Rachel

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