New Home Tour: The Before

We closed on our three bedroom, two bath, red brick ranch home a few months ago. And I’m only realizing now that I never posted our ‘before’ house photos. It gets so busy when you move into a place and start fixing it up. I do want to make time for our new home tour though!

Our house needs a little love – we knew that going in. Some of the rooms are original (kitchen, bathroom) and could use a facelift. But we’ve been so excited to put our own stamp on the home and learn a lot in the process! We’re thinking positive and I can certainly say now more than ever my world is truly rose colored.

The Outside Before:


The Plan: Since this before photo we’ve painted the shutters and front door and removed the old screen door. We still have a lot of work to do with the landscaping, but that will have to wait until spring!

The Entry Before:

The Plan: We haven’t done much to the front hall as of yet. I’ve been hunting for a rug to use in this space but can’t find a size that will work! I’m hoping for something 3’x7′ (which they apparently don’t make). 3’x5′ seems to small and 4’x6′ is too wide. The hunt continues! I also plan on putting some sort of art work and hooks here for guest coats.

The Formal Living Room and Dining Room Before:

The Plan: The front living room remains untouched. Right now it’s acting as a staging location for some of our other projects. Eventually this room will be a sitting room/office area.

The Kitchen Before:

The Plan: The kitchen was one of the first major projects we tackled and I’m happy to say it’s almost complete! Reveal photos soon to come!

The Laundry/Mud Room Before:

The Plan: Our laundry room acts as the entry from the garage and into the backyard. It’s small and houses the washer dryer, pantry, hot water tank and HVAC. And yes – it’s cramped. So far we purchased a new washer dryer and hung a low shelf but have yet really address the organization this room needs.

The Family Room Before:

The Plan: Our main living area! The biggest change we’ve made to this room was to take the wall down between the kitchen and the living room (not shown in this photo). We’re still looking for living room furniture for this room. I’m so afraid to pull the trigger on anything! Furniture is such a commitment that it scares me to place an order. We do plan on adding recessed lighting and changing out the ceiling fan. Still debating on whether or not we want to paint the brick or leave it (is it just me or is painted brick starting to look dated?).

The Master Bedroom Before:

The Plan: Our master bathroom desperately needed new closet organization (the structure that came with the house was basically falling down). The cop and his dad built an awesome (yet budget friendly) new closet a few weeks after we moved in. The other major change to this room has been the purchase of bedroom furniture. BIG beautiful bedroom furniture. Now we’re just working on the details. Reveal to come!

The Master Bathroom Before:

The Plan: Our next big project. Ripping out the linoleum floor and installing a new toilet and vanity. The walls are a horrible painted wallpaper so the cop and I are brainstorming ideas to repair or cover the walls without having to completely re drywall (as we ended up having to do in the  kitchen). The shower stays since it’s relatively new, albeit not our style. I am so so tempted to get a clear glass shower door but wowsa have you seen the price on those things?

With so many blogs out there that make homes look picture perfect – it’s hard to reveal progress as opposed to finished products. But I’m looking forward to sharing our progress with you all in the coming weeks!

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