New Home Additions

I’ve bought a few little things here and there for the house over the past few weeks. It started bringing a little color into our bathroom and then I just couldn’t stop! We can’t paint or make any major renovations, but that really hasn’t stopped me from adding color here and there around the apartment. Our kitchen is a tiny horrible space. I’m fairly positive at one time it was a closet that was turned into a kitchen. Riley, the cop and I have difficulty standing in the kitchen all at the same time. We make it work though, and over the weekend I purchased a few new items to brighten up the space a little. Pot holders from Home Goods, a scented candle from Bath & Body Works, and a few turquoise colored accessories for baking.


New Additions, Kitchen, Before - Rose Tinted Home


New Additions, Kitchen, After - Rose Tinted Home


New Additions, Kitchen, Pot Holders - Rose Tinted Home

Not a huge change but it certainly brightens things up a little. Next on my to-buy list is a colorful rug for in front of the stove to brighten up a truly dingy laminate.

I also purchased a pair of beachy throw pillows for our bedroom from HomeGoods. The light blue color looks springy and coastal with our grey coverlet and it ties the color scheme from the living room and bathroom into the bedroom.

New Additions, Bedroom, After 1 - Rose Tinted Home

New Additions, Bedroom 4 - Rose Tinted Home


New Additions, Bedroom 3 - Rose Tinted Home

Next on the to do list for the bedroom is certainly to find a replacement for those horrible hand me down lamps. Those belong to the cop and are on their way out as quick as I can manage it.


What do you think of of the updates we’ve made?

Thanks for visiting my rose tinted world!