Lived-In Dining Room Inspiration

Fall is officially upon us and the cop and I are in full swing decorating, renovating and generally just trying to get our new house in some type of order. We have great plans and a mile long to-do list. Our first guests are coming to stay for thanksgiving, so it’s really important to me to get the house in some type of working order this fall. Thanksgiving means table, and tables mean dining room design!

Today I’m on the hunt for a new dining room table. Our dining room is fairly small in this house, so we don’t necessarily need a huge table. But as long as I’m spending money on a new dining room table I would love to get something extendable so that down the road if we have a larger dining room, or simply more people to fit at the table, we don’t have to buy a new table.

The floors in our house are a pretty warm grey washed walnut color. For the dining room I’d like to stick with a light washed wood. Walnut or a limed oak. I’m leaning towards a rustic lived-in look, but something that is formal enough to be considered a dining room table and not just a kitchen table.

I’ve been gathering inspiration for months! There really aren’t many photos out there of what I think of as ‘lived-in’, approachable dining rooms. Our house is simple and we’re a young couple so I’m not interested in an extremely formal traditional dining room. I’m inspired by transitional rooms with rustic, comfortable details.

Blackband Design, Rose Tinted Home

Blackband Design
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Dear Lillie, Dining Room Inspiration

Dear LillieJS Home Design, Dining Room Inspiration
JS Designs

I’m on the hunt and doing my best to find a steal. We have so many rooms to furnish that it’s important to walk that balance between quality furniture and sticking to a budget.

Thanks for visiting my rose tinted world!