Healthy Meals to Bring a New Mom

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Margo had her baby! A beautiful baby girl, Emery Kate. Emery was actually born on September 4th, which was a month to the day before Margo’s due date. Emery was in the NICU for about two weeks to help her grow strong and get a little bigger before she came home with Mom and Dad. Now that she is home and getting settled in, I wanted to do something to show Margo that I was thinking about her and let her know she has support, even if I can’t help at this moment with the little one.
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The easiest thing at this moment I could think to contribute would be to help with meal prep and planning. So I did a little research and brainstorming on a list of healthy meals to bring to a new mom. Healthy is a must of course because a.) you are feeding and growing a new baby so we want that little one to stay healthy and b.) Margo had a rockin’ pre-pregnancy bod (and she did during pregnancy too but she wouldn’t believe you if you told her) and I’m sure she is already working to gain that bod back.

A few things I came across to keep in mind when bringing a dish to a nursing mother. Actually I’m not going to lie the list of things that nursing mothers are supposed to stay away from is slightly terrifying. What do these women eat? It seems like everything is on the ‘stay away from‘ list. I tried to narrow it down to the most important that experts advised to stay away from. Those of us that haven’t been pregnant or nursing yet are probably unaware of the following things:
Foods to Stay Away from When Nursing:
  • garlic
  • spicy food
  • red sauce/tomatoes
  • sage (or really any excessive seasonings)
  • eggs
  • tuna
  • wheat
This sort of left me with.. well nothing really. So I pulled a short cut and asked my cousin Mary for advice (a mother of two and one of the pickiest adult eaters I know).

Healthy Meals to Bring a New Mom
Very mild recipe that incorporates cauliflower and butternut squash.
     Edits to this recipe: No edits needed!
Healthy Meals 6
     Edits to this recipe: Cut out the garlic powder and green onion. Maybe nix the hot sauce and instead use mild buffalo sauce. Use sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes
Healthy Meals for a New Mom | Rose Tinted Home
This is the most comprehensive list of mason jar salads I have ever seen. What a great idea as a gift for a new mom! Most new mothers are too tired to make any meal let alone a salad that involves chopping and mixing and washing veggies. 5 salads would last her a week.
     Edits to these recipes: Leave out any onions or potent veggies. Skip the salad dressing since mom will be eating these at home – she can add what she likes each day.
Healthy Meals for a New Mom | Rose Tinted Home
Not all moms avoid red sauce, but playing it safe I decided to stick with a butternut squash lasagna instead of one with red sauce and meat.
     Edits to this recipe: Skip the garlic and shallots for a milder flavor. Add a dash of nutmeg and a sharp flavored cheese instead.
Healthy Means for Mom | Rose Tinted Home
Just a fun addition to have around the house – mom can eat for breakfast or snack on it throughout the day. Bake bread into mini loaves to be frozen and saved for future weeks.
     Edits to this recipe: Try using applesauce or greek yogurt and cut back on the oil.
Healthy Meals for a New Mom | Rose Tinted Home
These are perfect because you can stash them away in the freezer and microwave each as you go.
     Edits to this recipe: Adapt the recipe based on mom’s likes or dislikes.
Veggie Muffins | Rose Tinted Home
Chicken Tortilla Casserole
The cop’s Mom’s recipe – inspired by weight watchers. Despite being Tex-mex inspired this recipe is fairly mild. It’s perfect for lunch or dinner and can be frozen and microwaved down the road. Stay tuned for the recipe tomorrow!

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