Getting Girl Organized

Girl Organized, 3
Girls come with a lot of stuff. Especially when they have a shopping problem and have previously had the convenience of multiple closets for storage. In our new one bedroom apartment I’ve had to get really creative with storage solutions. I don’t want the cop to start to resent my collection of handbags and accessories. Yes – I previously worked at a luxury handbag store. Yes – the employee discount was 65%. You do the math. I spent far more than I made at that job. We’ll just leave it at that.
The good news is that Pinterest is god’s gift to the pitifully unorganized. Through my travels on Pinterest I’ve been able to piece together a few quick and inexpensive storage solutions for my vast female accessories.
The first was easy and I was able to pull it together with items I already had. Bulletin board? Check. Push pins? Check. Snugly hang your pin board behind the door so it’s out of the way and you instantly have a quick organization tool for necklaces and earrings. Bonus points for using clear pins for a clean look.
Girl Organized, 7
The next step was hanging 3 vintage hooks I’d found at an estate sale a few years ago. I’d been initially attracted to them because they looked so unique. And I think at that time I paid about $3 for the set. The cop hung these hooks securely in the wall to hang a few accessories that I rotate on a daily/weekly basis. Out of the way but still accessible. And this way my sun hat doesn’t get smashed on a shelf.
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Girl Organized, 1
Little by little I’m working on finding a home for every item. I find that containers help me stay organized. Trays, baskets, bowls. I use all of these little items to corral the clutter and make it look as though it is organized each day. The tray I found at goodwill – it was originally gold and I spray painted it black for a clean look. The nesting bowls I found at an estate sale for 50 cents. My pretty blue porcelain box was a gift from my sister, brought back from a trip to Portugal.
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