French Braid Tuck

This week at work is CRAZY! Capital C. Cray cray. Bless us lord. Next week will be even worse.
That being said I head to work each day knowing that I’ll be on the go every minute, with very little time to break or eat let alone fix my hair or makeup. Since this week I’ll be meeting new students and families, it is still important to me to look put together at all times! So I needed a no-nonsense hair style that was simple and professional.
Enter the French Braid Tuck.
French TuckFrench Tuck, 2French Tuck, 3
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Easy to create. Holds all day. Works with long or medium length hair. This style is my go-to look on days where I need my hair out of my face, and especially on day 2 or day 3 no-wash hair.

To style this look:
1. Spray hair with texturizing spray or mouse. Pin back a front section of your hair and bangs and secure with two bobby pins in an ” X ” shape. Pull hair forward for volume.
2. Take the top half of your hair, including the portion in the bobby pin, and begin to braid. Incorporate more hair as you braid each strand, until all hair is braided.
3. Secure braid with a clear elastic. I use these Karina Elastics for $2.99 from Ulta.
4. Roll the tail of your braid up towards the nape of your neck. Tuck the rolled braid up underneath your hair and secure with 3-4 bobby pins.
5. Adjust stray pieces around the face for a loose look. Spray with hairspray to hold.



Braided Hair 1Braided Hair 2Braided Hair 3

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