Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is just around the corner, here is your reminder! Living far away from family members has forced me to think ahead for gifts and special occasions. I starting thinking of a gift for my dad back in April, and I’m already pooling ideas for a hostess gift that I’ll need this July. Planning ahead has really taken the stress and worry out of ordering online and shipping gifts to family and friends afar. And once you get into the habit of thinking about gift ideas a few months in advance as opposed to a few weeks it actually makes life easier! No more scrambling at the last minute to ensure that presents arrive by a certain date. Everything is preplanned and taken care of.

That being said, I thought I’d offer up a few great Father’s Day Gift Ideas for you all so that you can place your orders this weekend and (fingers crossed) have everything arrive before the big day this year. Mark your calendars! June 15th is just a few days away!

Father's Day Gifts, Rose Tinted Home
[1] My dad lives in these Under Armour sweatshirts. One in every color. [2] This BBQ Sauce is made in Guyton, Georgia and is absolutely delicious. Sweet but with a little kick to it. [3] Ties are a bit traditional yes, but this golf tie from Vineyard Vines is too fun to pass up! Both traditional and playful [4] My dad actually already has a pizza stone, but man does he love it! [5] My dad hates to shop, and at this point I think his one pair of swim trunks are rounding a decade in age. Time for a new pair! Stick to a classic pair of  trunks for dear old dad. [6] Boat shoes in canvas are perfect for summer months [7] Make travel easy for Dad with this travel toiletries case – so he can come visit you!

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