Fall Wreath Tutorial

Fall Wreath | Rose Tinted HomeOver the weekend I decided to get my craft on. We have friends coming into town this weekend, so I felt the urge to start to decorate our apartment and make things look nice for their visit. The first thing I decided to tackle was a welcoming fall wreath for our front door. Decorating with fall crafts is a part of my September Checklist, so I wanted to get a move on seeing as September is almost over!

Fall Wreath  | Rose Tinted HomeOur front door is extremely sad. It needs new hardware and a fresh coat of paint. However, our landlord is completely cheap and refuses to put any money into the apartment (we even offered to paint if they would buy the supplies, and they said no). The most frustrating part about it is that we have now lived in this home (well the cop has now lived in this home) for going on 3 years. It would have been wonderful to be able to put some color on the walls and make the place look nicer.

No dice.

Fall Wreath  | Rose Tinted HomeFall Wreath  | Rose Tinted HomeSo in lieu of fresh paint I simply try to decorate around the peeling chipped paint on our walls and our front door. This wreath tutorial is easy – it took me under an hour to get to the finished product. The only materials required are a pair of scissors or wire cutters, green craft wire, a wreath and your silk flowers.

Fall Wreath 3Riley was not as psyched about the craft project as I was I admit. Lesson learned for all of you dog owners out there: Take your pup out on a walk before you craft, not after. Otherwise they will look at you with sad eyes that say, “Mom why would you rather play with sticks than take me to the park?”.


Fall Wreath Tutorial

Materials & Tools Needed:
  • wreath
  • craft wire
  • scissors/wire cutters
  • silk flowers


1. Clip flowers from the long plastic stems they come on. Leave about 4-5 inches to work with on each stem. Fall Wreath 42. Place flowers on wreath in an arrangement that you like. Take the flowers that are near each other on the wreath and wire the stems together. For my wreath I left many of the flower stems separate but I used green craft wire to attach leaves to the base of the flower blooms.Fall Wreath 53. Using green craft wire, wire your flower blooms to the wreath base. Simple tipAlways cut more wire than you need. You’ll want a nice long wire to secure around the back of the wreath. You can always trim off excess later.Fall Wreath 74. Continue to wire flowers around the base of your wreath until you are happy with your look. You can use a hot glue gun to secure small pieces. I almost never hot glue flowers to the wreath, because I like reusing the wreath base when I get tired of the look from season to season.

5. At the top of the wreath, loop wire around to use as a hook to hang your wreath.Fall Wreath | Rose Tinted HomeFinished Product!

Fall Wreath 11Fall Wreath | Rose Tinted Home

Have any of you tackled fun fall crafts lately? Tomorrow is the first day of autumn remember! Now’s the time!

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