Elmo Baby Shower

This weekend is my friend Margo’s baby shower. It’s funny how events like this can bring people together. I have been so excited to help her plan for the baby and this new event in her life. From designing the nursery to getting things ready for her shower this weekend, we have been excited every step of the way.
Elmo Baby Shower 2, Rose Tinted Home

All of this planning and preparation makes me think back to the shower I held for my favorite cousin Mary. Mary gave birth to a beautiful baby girl Mel last April. We held a shower for her at my parents house in March and had so much fun pulling everything together. Mary has been obsessed with Elmo for as long as I can remember. She owns an inappropriate amount of Elmo toys and memorabilia for a 31 year old without kids. At one point I believe she was contemplating an Elmo tattoo (thank goodness we talked her out of that one).

Elmo Baby Shower, Rose Tinted Home

Because of this we all knew that Mel’s nursery would be Sesame Street themed. And when I threw her shower I wanted to honor that obsession complete with Elmo invites (thanks to One Swell Studio on Etsy), Elmo cupcakes and Elmo fruit platters.
Elmo Baby Shower 12, Rose Tinted Home
Elmo Baby Shower 3, Rose Tinted Home
We also incorporated a story book theme for the shower. Our family is big on reading! In lieu of baby shower cards we asked each guest to bring a story book with their name written inside to start Mel’s reading library. As favors for our guests we made fabric book marks and quilted table runners. And we decorated tables with Sesame Street figurines (straight from my own childhood toy box), picture books and framed photos of Mary as a baby.

Elmo Baby Shower 5, Rose Tinted Home

For lunch we organized a make your own salad bar with grilled chicken, deviled eggs and lots of veggies. It was an easy way to prepare lunch ahead of time and it turned out to be healthy and delicious (unlike my Red Velvet Elmo cupcakes which were only delicious).

Elmo Baby Shower 6, Rose Tinted Home

Elmo Baby Shower 11, Rose Tinted Home

I have to admit I’m not big on shower games. I really don’t know why women subject each other to such things at parties. But we found a few ideas on Pinterest that turned out to be a lot of fun. Everyone wore their guess as to whether the baby was a boy or a girl (I guessed wrong – I was sure Mel was a boy!). We played ‘Measure Mommy’s Belly‘ with ropes of pink and blue ribbon. And everyone wrote messages for midnight diapers for mom (which was such a hoot!). We topped the party off with a simple bottle chugging game which had everyone in stitches. Spiked fruit punch was the drink of choice for the game. Key tip – be sure to poke a larger hole in the nipples on the bottles, unless you want your guests to be chugging for hours. Check out my Pinterest ‘Baby Shower Ideas‘ board for more ideas and links!

Elmo Baby Shower 4, Rose Tinted Home

Elmo Baby Shower 9, Rose Tinted Home
Elmo Baby Shower 10, Rose Tinted Home
Margo’s shower is this Saturday, so stay tuned on Monday for a full review! I can’t wait to share the merriment with all of you!

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