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Now that we’ve learned How to Thread Your Sewing Machine we can move forward onto sewing our new pillow covers! I’ve been wanting to make new pillow covers for our living room colors since I’ve moved in. I’m not sure why I had such a hang up about what fabric to use. I knew that I needed a change but I really didn’t want to commit to something and then get bored with the colors or patterns in a few months. Which is very typical of me. I love to mix things up especially with home decor.

Pillow Covers | Rose Tinted Home

Then while wandering my local Home Goods on a Saturday afternoon (this is how you spend your weekends too right?) it hit me! Most standard cloth napkins are 20″ x 20″. My pillows are 18″ x 18″. Here right in front of me is a ready made, budget friendly solution to pillow covers. Most napkin sets at Home Goods are about $6.99 for 4. Budget friendly enough to be changed up on a whim.

Napkin Options 2

I also found a few napkins that I liked at World Market. There were a few variations that caught my eye – which is a clear indicator that I will probably be back in a few months to change this look up again. Normally $3.99 each, I scored these at 25% off.  Find these Blue Floral Paisley napkins on World Market. This DIY project totaled $11.97.



Materials & Tools Needed:
  • 4 20″ x 20″ napkins, laundered and pressed
  • Fabric Sheers
  • Straight Pins
  • Sewing Machine
  • Thread
1. Cut first napkin straight down the center into two equal pieces.
Pillow Covers  | Rose Tinted Home2. Lay the second napkin, face up, on the table. Place the two cut pieces from the first napkin, face down, on top of the second napkin. Finished seams should be overlapping each other by about an inch in the center. Pin in place.
Pillow Covers  | Rose Tinted Home3. Use your sewing machine to sew a 2 inch line across the overlapping ends of the napkin.
4. Sew the perimeter of the napkins together (inside out). On the corners leave your needle down (in the fabric) and pull the foot of the sewing machine up, then rotate.
Pillow Covers  | Rose Tinted Home
5. Flip pillow case right side out and insert pillows. I had sewed the seam closed to keep my pillow from busting out, but you could also use velcro.
Finished Product!
DIY Pillow Cases, Completed Pillows - Rose Tinted Home

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