DIY Painted Curtains

Last night was spent painting and watching episodes of Friends on DVD. What a night it was! There is a reason this project is all over pinterest. It’s fun and easy and makes a dramatic change in just 1 day. Last night I took the time to tape off 4 sets of curtains, roll out white paint and hang to dry. Two things no one seems to want to write about this DIY that I think you should be aware of.

  1. It takes a LOT of paint. My curtains were a relatively open weave so a lot of the paint went right through to the shower curtain I’d laid underneath. This is a total waste of paint and seemingly can’t be avoided. I had planned half a quart to get this job done and I needed a full quarter (could have even used a bit more if I’d had any left over for touch ups). I’d buy a gallon of paint on sale if you can so that you have enough depending on how big your curtain panels are and how many coats you plan on doing.
  2. It’s time consuming! To tape off and paint 4 panels took me at least 5-6 hours. This isn’t hard work by any means but it sure is slow going. Be sure to rope off at least an afternoon or a full evening (I worked late into the night on this one) to get it done.

Painted Curtains 2, Rose Tinted Home DIY Painted Curtain Panels Materials:

  • 4 curtain panels – mine are originally $6.99 each from Christmas Tree Shop
  • 1 quart paint, white
  • painters tape
  • plastic drop cloth or shower curtain
  • measuring tape
  • pencil
  • foam roller

1. Start your project by laying out a plastic tarp or in my case an old shower curtain to protect your floors. Tape this down so it doesn’t slide around on your. Painted Curtains 1, Rose Tinted Home 2. Use a tape measure and pencil to start measuring your stripes. I wanted my paint stripes to be the same width as my plain stripes and I went with 12 inches apart. Mark your lines with *small* pencil dots. Be aware that paint will not cover up most pencil marks and you don’t want to see those lines when you hang your curtains against the light. Painted Curtains 9, Rose Tinted Home 3. Tape your lines off as you measure, smoothing out to ensure there are no bubbles. Remember when you are measuring to include the width of the tape. I find it helpful to put a small piece of tape on the stripes that I’ll be painting. On the areas where you will paint you want a full 12 inches. On the ‘unpainted’ portion you’ll have slightly less than 12 inches because your tape will cover a part of that session. Painted Curtains 3, Rose Tinted Home 4. Once all of your lines are taped off get ready to paint! Riley got a little bored at this point.. he was wondering why on earth I’d want to paint curtains when I could be taking him out to the park. Painted Curtains 4, Rose Tinted Home Painted Curtains 5, Rose Tinted Home 5. Once you’ve rolled your paint onto the curtains, pull your tape off while the paint is still wet (this will avoid peeling paint later on). Hang curtains to dry overnight. I hung mine over the shower rod in the bathroom. Painted Curtains 6, Rose Tinted Home 6. The next day hang your curtains and arrange folds. Curtains will be slightly crunchy if you use wall paint, so I used clips this morning to arrange the folds the way I wanted them, and then left it to settle for the rest of the day. Painted Curtains 8, Rose Tinted Home Painted Curtain Reveal, 2 Rose Tinted Home Painted Curtain Reveal, 3 Rose Tinted Home Painted Curtain Reveal, 4 Rose Tinted Home

All in all I’d say this DIY was a success!

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  1. Sounds like quite a project, but looks like it will have a beautiful outcome!

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