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Iced Coffee, Rose Tinted Home
Now that we are beginning to feel the heat here in Georgia (98 yesterday…) certain things have changed in my day to day. Things that I took for granted when I lived up north and had beautiful mild summers. Things like… walking outside without dripping in sweat (its even hot and muggy when the sun goes down here. so strange). Blow drying my hair without passing out (I almost exclusively air dry in the summer in Savannah). Drinking my morning cup of hot coffee without overheating.
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That last one I’ll never give up. Even if it makes me even hotter. I may stay indoors in the summer here as I would hibernate in the winter up north. I may not use a curling iron or flat-iron again until October. But you can’t take away my morning cup o’ jo.  The cop on the other hand is different. He hails from Boston, land of iced coffee. I have relatives in New England and I tell ya it’s a sickness up there. They drink iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts even in the winter. Doesn’t quite add up.
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Until now the cop has made his iced coffee at home by brewing a pot of iced coffee and then sticking it in the freezer to get it cold. It always yields a bitter, watered-down, sub-par beverage. I’d wondered if there was a better way to go about making him a cup of coffee for his mornings. That’s when I stumbled up the Pioneer Woman’s Iced Coffee Method in my Pioneer Woman Cookbook. This woman seriously knows how to make anything. I love her. Normally I cut the fat or sugar in her recipes in half. But I still love her.
Over the weekend I tried my hand at making cold brewed iced coffee at home. It was a great success, albeit a bit of a messy process. Shout out to the cop for cleaning up the spilled coffee/coffee ground mixture I dumped all over the counter and kitchen floor.
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To get this process completed I purchased a large beverage dispenser from Walmart for $8.96 (to store the coffee concentration in the fridge once made) and 6 yards of cheese cloth for $4.97. I also found a mesh strainer at the dollar store for just $1! It was the perfect size to fit at the top of this beverage dispenser. They sell a 6″ mesh strainer on their website, but pop over to your local Dollar Tree to see if you can find the smaller size (mine was 4″). You need both the cheese cloth and the mesh wire strainer in order to avoid coffee grounds in your final product. You could also try regular using coffee filters.
The best part about making a large batch of your coffee concentration is that it stays fresh in the fridge for about a month! No more waiting for hot coffee to cool off in the freezer each morning. Just pour a little over ice and you are on your way!

DIY Iced Coffee Recipe

Adapted from:

Yield: 1.5 Gallon Coffee
  • 12 oz. ground coffee
  • 1.5 gallon cold water
1. Pour coffee grounds into large container. Mix in 1.5 (24 cups) of cold water. Cover your container and let sit at room temperature at least 8 hours (I left mine for overnight).

2. Place mesh strainer over empty beverage dispense, layer 2-3 folds of cheese cloth over strainer. Slowly pour coffee mix into strainer, allowing liquid to drain into container. Continue until all coffee concentration has been strained. Use a spoon to press out any last liquid remaining in your strainer.

3. Place beverage container in fridge for an hour to chill coffee concentration.
4. Fill a glass with ice and pour coffee concentration over ice. Add your favorite flavored creamer to the mix and enjoy!

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  1. I’m an iced coffee convert! Hated it when I moved to New England, but it grows on you. We make ours with our Kuerig. No special pods. Big cup of ice. Brewer has an iced coffee setting. Add 1% milk, sugar, chocolate syrup if you are Matt, butterscotch sauce for me, and you are done! I purchased iced coffee glasses for $1 each at the Christmas Tree shop.

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