DIY Glitter Pumpkin

DIY Glitter Pumpkin | Rose Tinted Home
Woof! Thanks for the week off ya’ll! It has been SO busy at work that I have not had time to think let alone have a hobby in the last week and a half. Things haven’t settled down (in any way) but I’m trying to get better at setting aside time for myself and for blogging. Blogging makes me happy. It makes me focus on the small happy things. So I need to constantly remember that and make time for it.
Sarah and Rachel
Last weekend the cop and I traveled to Buffalo to visit my parents and see the Buffalo vs Pats game. The cop is a New England fan being from Boston. And my family has had Bills season tickets on the 50 yard line for 54 years. My grandpa and his brother were 7th in line when the Buffalo Bills first started selling season tickets. You could say they are our one family heirloom.
DIY Glitter Pumpkin | Rose Tinted Home
The Bills lost to the Pats (of course) but it was a wonderful weekend filled with friends and family, and the cop didn’t rub it in even a little (he values his life and his relationship). And I was able to spend time with my very best friend Sarah.
Beinghome made me wistful for fall foliage, pumpkins, sweaters boots – you know… the things literally everyone and their brother are blogging about this month. Well I’ve been struck by the fever just as hard as everyone else. The only difference is those of us down south have to work a little harder to bring about the festive fall air – seeing as fall doesn’t really come to Georgia. It’s still in the 80s here and in my experience the leaves never really change (around December it’ll get cool and some of them will turn brown and fall off then.. but no colors).

DIY Glitter Pumpkin | Rose Tinted Home
Today I bring you a fun little activity that will cost you under $4 and less than an hour to make. A cute DIY Glitter Pumpkin Candy Jar! Or candle votive. Or bowl for your keys. Or whatever you really need it for.
Once in a while Iperuse the aisles of the dollar store. I’m not a routine dollar store shopper. But occasionally I find greatfinds that are cheap staples (I often buy tissues, party supplies, wrapping paper), unique seasonal finds (pick and choose but some of their holiday items are cute), or great starters for DIY projects.

DIY Glitter Pumpkin| Rose Tinted Home
Last week I came across this adorable glass bowl to use for a candle or candy bowl. Fill it up, dress it up, the opportunities are endless. In my case? Add some orange glitter paint from Michael’s for $1.92 (I used a 40% off coupon – so should you). Presto! You’ve got yourself a festive little decoration.
DIY Glitter Pumpkin, 2

  • Round Glass Vase – Dollar Tree – $1
  • Orange Glitter Paint – Michael’s – $1.92
  • Sponge Brush – Dollar Tree or Family Dollar – $1
  • Painter’s or Masking Tape
  1. Cut out your pumpkin face shape using painter’s tape or masking tape. I made a traditional pumpkin face with triangle eyes and nose but you could choose any design – the possibilities are endless! Apply tape to exterior of the glass – this will be where the glass appears clear.
  2. Paint glass exterior with glitter paint (you could apply the tape and the paint to the interior for a cleaner look on the outside – but I would not advise this if you plan on using the pumpkin as a candle jar). Paint two coats.
  3. Peel away tape while glitter paint is still wet. This will create crisp lines without peeling the paint.

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