Difficult Duvet Decisions

Over the weekend I decided, on impulse, that we needed a new duvet cover. We’ve been using the cop’s plain old grey duvet cover since we’d moved in together. And it worked just fine. It wasn’t pretty, but it wasn’t a horrible man-plaid concoction either. I’d dressed it up a little with a girly mirror above the bed and coastal pillows thrown on top. For the most part I was satisfied. Besides, we didn’t plan on being in this apartment forever, so what was the point of buying a new one before we moved?

Grey Duvet

But over the weekend that sad grey duvet started haunting me. All of a sudden it looked horrible, and needed to be replaced. Sort of like that day when you look in the mirror and you realize how bad your eyebrows look. And it occurs to you that you can’t remember the last time you went to the salon to get them done? Yesterday they looked just fine! But today you are a wild wildebeest. Yes, sort of like that. Our duvet had turned into an ugly sad wildebeest. It was time to move on. (Yes I realize we also need new lamps. I’d love to hurl the ones that we have at the street from our 2nd story window. But alas that must wait until another day).

Bedroom DecorI poured over the internet for deals and inspiration to make this difficult duvet decision. I was fairly certain I wanted a print. I love the look of a pure white duvet but with our apartment painted a sad shade of dirty white (we aren’t allowed to repaint the walls even though they desperately need it!) I knew it would look out of place. Beyond that I was open. The look I wanted was pretty but not too feminine. Maybe something in a calming shade of blue or grey to keep the colors consistent (our master bathroom is decorated in shades of lavender and blue). Here are some of the options I’m feeling.

Duvet Decisions | Rose Tinted Home

Duvet Cover Options:

[1] Joli Paisley Duvet, $99 Pottery Barn [2] Montgomery Beige Duvet, $99, Crane & Company [3] Patch NYC Script Duvet, $49 West Elm [4] Marimekko Keshalle Duvet, $104 Crate and Barrel  [5] Printed Petals Duvet, $49, West Elm [6] Ramona Duvet, $188 Serena & Lily


I plan to make a trip to my favorite store, HomeGoods, this evening to see if I can find anything I like even more. But in the meantime – tell me which is your favorite?

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  1. You always talk about topics that are currently on my mind! I love all the duvets you picked out, but my personal favorite has to be #4. I love the beachy vibe it gives, and the blue stripes are bright and beautiful!

    1. That’s because we’re kindred spirits! Always have been ;). I loove #4 too! So beachy and bright! I also think #3 is the coolest ever. Perhaps too cool for us though.

      Miss you!


  2. I think #4 is my favorite too. It’s nice and beachy with the stripes, but also different with the florals mixed in. It’s fun.

    1. Kerry,

      Thanks for stopping by! #4 seems to be the favorite! I love the beachy feel but I wonder if I would tire of it after a while. Maybe for a bright and colorful guest room some day…. Ahh one can dream. Right now our ‘guest room’ is an air mattress.

      Anyway.. I’ll make a decision sooner or later.

      xo Rachel

  3. Kate Thornhill says: Reply

    I really like #2 and #4 because they can both be easily changed up with new throw pillows or other accents when you need something different!

    1. Kate you are so right! And I tend to get bored with things veery easy 🙂 So it’s nice to have the option to change things up with a new pillow or coverlet. How will I ever decide?

      Thanks for stopping by!

      xo Rachel

  4. I’m partial to #6…but then again I have a mild addiction to Serena and Lily. You might also consider:

    http://www.serenaandlily.com/catalina-medallion-duvet-cover-%26-sham/P10015.html#start=13 .

    The navy blue will add some brightness to your room without being too feminine. This is one of my current favorite duvet covers.


    1. Ha who doesn’t let’s be honest. I LOVE that navy pattern. It would be fantastic in a beach house with bright pops of coral or orange as throw pillows. I’m just not sure I can stomach the price tag! Wait until you see the deal I scored.. I hope you like it!
      Thanks for stopping by!

      xo Rachel

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