December Goals

December Goals
So it is already the 3rd of December – which means only 22 days until Christmas. That is NOT enough time! Between starting a new job, Christmas shopping, holiday decorating and wedding planning… this is going to be a very busy month. The good news is that my family exchanged gifts at Thanksgiving this year, since we won’t be together for Christmas. The cop and I will be spending Christmas week with his family in California, so I have just a few presents left to cross off my list.
I’ll be honest and say that November got away from me – I didn’t tick off everything on my November goals list. So in an attempt to be more organized (see my post on buying a new planner here) I’m actually scheduling time in my week to be sure I accomplish my December goals. With any luck I’ll manage to get a few things done.
The wedding is quite a ways away (we are thinking Summer of 2016) but my monthly goals will also start to include wedding planning goals! Stay tuned tomorrow for my Master Wedding Planning Checklist. Especially designed for those with a longer engagement in mind.

December Goals
  • Learn how to create easy to read and print recipes for the blog
  • Get back to working out! Yoga studio is closed during winter break (until January) but I’m making it my goal to be at the gym 4 days a week in December
  • Send out holiday cards to beloved friends near and far
  • Find Christmas presents for the cop’s family

Wedding Goals
  • Choose a date for the wedding and reserve a venue
  • Ask bridal party to participate in wedding
  • Insure engagement ring

Have you set any goals for yourself this month? Share with me!

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