Curtain Call

When I moved in the cop and I went through a phase where we had to declutter. We’d both been holding on to way too many items. For me it was mostly clothes that I no longer wore. Or bad furniture I’d bought over the years at Good Will. For the cop it was many many items that ended up at his house when his brother left college in Florida. Originally the cop had thoughts to buy a house here in Savannah. The idea was to make an investment and not waste money on rent. However that idea quickly faded once he got an idea of the market and realized he didn’t want to commit to the south long term. But before that idea faded, his brother moved from college in South Florida back home to Massachusetts, and many of his cast off home items ended up at the cop’s house to be put to good use. These items were plentiful and diverse. I’m talking 5 sets of brown sheets. A ceiling fan. 12 sets of cream curtains. A full bedroom set (which was stored for months in his Aunt’s garage). The list went on and on.
Call for Curtains 3, Rose Tinted Home
When we first decluttered we sold a lot of the furniture on craigslist. Some of the items we simply ended up tossing (who wants 1 set of brown sheets let alone 5?) some we packed away in our storage unit. A few of the things were simply shoved in the small closet in our apartment and forgot about.
Until last week.. when I was attempting to reorganize the storage unit above the living room closet and stumbled across the 12 sets of cream curtains along with about 150 white curtain clips. The cop never even bothered to put curtains up in our house. When I moved in we did decide to put roller shades in the bedroom to block the light. but other than that each window is clad only in white blinds. It works well for the living room and dining area. I like having lots of light in the house and truth be told we have so many windows in our living room it would probably look a little claustrophobic if they all had curtains on them. But for the bedroom I decided it was time to warm things up with some fabric.
Call for Curtains, Rose Tinted Home
The only problem was that the 12 sets of cream curtains were… well.. all cream. They did not match our white walls. Our gray and white bedding. Or the white crisp sand dollar pillows I recently purchased for on top of the bed. After doing a little internet research (thank you google) I quickly squashed my ideas of bleaching them or dying them in any way. These curtains came from the Christmas Tree shop and were 100% polyester. They were cream and they were gonna stay that way thank you very much.
It seemed a complete waste and shame not to use them. And a sin to go out and buy new ones (we had 12 of these people!) so I was determined to make it work. The solution? Paint! I’d seen painted curtains all over Pinterest the past few months. How hard could it be? I loved the idea of stripes and we had white paint on hand from a little wall patching that we had to do (let’s just say don’t do wall sits against a wall that contains a vent. the cop’s rear end went directly through the wall).
Call for Curtains 2, Rose Tinted Home
The ceilings in our apartment are very high, so the curtains, which were a standard 84″,needed all the help they could get. Conveniently we had the 150 curtain clips on hand – in a color I hated. A cheap looking white plastic. I decided to give the clips a mini makeover with hammered bronze spray paint to match the oil rubbed bronze curtain rods we had on hand (also yanked out of storage from my last apartment).
Painted Curtains 7, Rose Tinted Home

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s DIY Instructions and the final reveal of this project!


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