Christmas Wreath

Christmas Wreath 4, Rose Tinted HomeThe cop and I have been a bit slow on the uptake in terms of Christmas decorating. I blame this on three things: 1) We just got engaged and 99% of my focus these days is on planning the wedding. 2) We are spending Christmas week in California this year, so it seemed silly to go all out decorating at home. 3) All of our Christmas decorations are in a storage closet across town.. and it seemed like a lot of work to go get them.

Christmas Wreath | Rose Tinted HomeI’ve tried to incorporate a little holly jolly here and there – our incoming Christmas cards are on display in the living room, we have a strand of lights across the mantle, and our stockings are hung by the fire with care. I also took some time to decorate the front of our home with a new Christmas Wreath.

Christmas Wreath | Rose Tinted HomeWhen I make a new wreath, I almost never go to the store with a design in mind. Typically I head over to Michaels and wait to be inspired. And that is exactly what happened with this wreath. I ended up stumbling upon this gorgeous green glitter hanging moss – as soon as I saw it I was reminded of the Spanish moss we have here in Savannah. I decided it would be the perfect wreath for our Southern Christmas.

Christmas Wreath, Rose Tinted HomeHave any of you made a wreath for the holiday? Link up and share your DIY holiday decor! I would love to have a little inspiration for next year!


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