Christmas Photo Cards

Christmas is only 38 days away. 38 Days People!

I am one of those people who does not let themselves start celebrating Christmas until after Thanksgiving. No Christmas music. No Christmas baking. Definitely no decorations. Give Thanksgiving its due people. That being said sometimes I do allow myself to plan for Christmas in November. It’s almost a necessity to get everything done! I start thinking about gift ideas for family, purchase a few orders online, think about what I’ll wear this year for the big day. I also always buy my Christmas cards in November. I love sending cards out directly after Thanksgiving because then your recipients get them early. And yes, in a completely selfish way I enjoy this because that means I get a return card in the mail. Which makes me smile. It’s half enjoyment and half necessity. I’ve moved so many times that most of my family and friends wouldn’t have my new address unless I sent them a card first. This is the first Christmas the cop and I have lived together in his apartment, so another address update is a requirement.

Christmas Cards | Rose Tinted HomeRemember my post on ‘Why I Write Thank You Notes?’ – I believe in Christmas cards for similar reasons. Aside from just the general merriment and well wishes Christmas cards bring, I love the fact that they keep you in touch with people you might not otherwise have reached out to (remember the days before facebook? Yes Christmas cards are the old fashioned version of that). They can also be a great tool for networking if you use them right.Why I Write Thank You Notes, Rose Tinted Home

This year, for the first time ever, I am sending out a Christmas photo card. And Oh My God. I am so excited. I’ve never really been able to send out a photo card before because, well let’s face it. You sort of have to be in a certain phase of life to send out a photo card. Newly engaged, wedding photos, newborn babies, cute rambunctious kiddies – all of these qualify. And I finally qualify! As a newly engaged lady I couldn’t contain my excitement in sending out a couples card with the cop. He was slightly less excited, but still willing (which is all that counts right?).

We took our holiday photo card yesterday in Forsyth Park and it turned out wonderfully! The cop and I perched on an old tree branch and the background is very picturesque Savannah, lots of Spanish Moss hanging from the trees. On the back of the card I’m going to add a family photo of the cop, myself and Riley.

Now I certainly can’t give my holiday card away before I send them, but here is a sneak peek of Riley bear all dressed up for our photo shoot. He was surprisingly camera friendly.

Riley Christmas Card Sneak Peak

After doing a lot of research (at least 6-8 hours of my weekend was dedicated to this, which the cop thought was ridiculous), I’ve discovered the following: Order your holiday photo cards early people! Because there are sales early, and the longer you wait the more expensive they’ll get. I checked out, Snapfish, Shutterfly, Pear Tree Greeting Cards and Tiny Prints.

Christmas Card Options | Rose Tinted Home

Images [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

I wanted to keep the lettering simple and classic. I love the look of a raw photograph alone with a great font. I absolutely love the foiled look and lettering of #1 and #5. But with the total cost adding up to over $100 I decided to go with snapfish’s more affordable print (#4). They are having a sale through 11/19 – 60% off holiday cards!



Have any of you ordered your cards yet? Where did you buy them from and what look are you going with?

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