Book Wreath Recreation

Ever since seeing this beautiful book wreath on Makely Home, I’ve been wanting to create a wreath myself. The book wreath is out there and present on the internet – I’m sure you’ve all seen tutorials. But my personal opinion is that Makely Home’s wreath is simply the prettiest. I love the way that the softly folded pages catch light and create depth. She also offers an amazingly detailed tutorial video about how she folds the paper and applies it to the wreath. I followed her directions exactly – the only thing I changed on my wreath was that I stapled the rolled and folded book pages at the bottom to create an easy to glue tab which I could attach to the wreath frame.
Book Wreath | Rose Tinted Home
 My Supplies:
-1 straw wreath frame (purchased with a coupon at Joanne’s)
-paperback novel (I used an old book I had lying around and I knew I’d never read again)
-hot glue gun
(1) Rip out a page of the book and roll and fold (accordion style) in a random pattern. Be careful not to actually crease the page flat on your folds. Staple at the bottom and fold a tab.
 Book Wreath | Rose Tinted Home
(2) Glue tabs around the top of the wreath (eventually you’ll flip the wreath over and this will be the back side). Space evenly.
Book Wreath, 4
Book Wreath, 1
(3) Once the first layer has been glued around the wreath, flip the wreath over. Continue to fold, staple and glue book pages to the wreath in random order. Try staggering book pages as you glue so the wreath appears full.
Book Wreath, 3
It really is as easy as that. The entire process took me about 2 or 3 hours – just enough time for me to catch up on all of the addicting TV shows I had sitting in my DVR.
Book Wreath | Rose Tinted Home
Book Wreath | Rose Tinted Home
Finished product! Hope you enjoyed this look!

Thanks for visiting my rose tinted world!