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Best Shoes for Disney | Rose Tinted HomeIn just three days the cop and I will embark on our FIRST Walt Disney World trip together!

I am beyond excited. Words do not properly convey my excitement. First and foremost, I love Disney World. Love the atmosphere. The magic. The show. I buy into all of it. And while I can casually throw in a cynical joke about Disney here and there… at the end of the day I’m perfectly happy letting myself believe in the magic (Yes that is me below dancing in the ‘Move It Shake It Celebrate It’ parade. I do stuff like that at Disney).

Disney PicturesThe second reason I am oh-so-excited for our Disney trip is that going to Disney with the man I’m going to marry is actually on my 30 Before 30 List. That’s right. It’s that important. I’ve always said (sort of joking.. sort of serious) that I’d need to go on a Disney vacation with the man I’d marry before I could commit and say he was the one. Now that isn’t necessarily true in this case (the cop is definitely the one), but I am bursting with excitement, anticipation and hope for this Disney trip with the cop and all of the trips in our future. I get a little teary eyed thinking about it in fact…

Moving right along and taking no time for sentiments I wanted to post a few tips and tricks this week for Packing for Disney, What to Wear and a few adorable Disney Finds I’ve come across as a fanatic. Stay tuned over the next few days for a round-up of packing tips and favorite finds!

Today I want to talk about What to Wear: Best Shoes for Disney Vacations

For anyone planning a trip to Walt Disney World in the near future, I urge you to plan ahead for footwear. There really is nothing worse than getting to Disney and by your second day having blistered, aching, uncomfortable feet. Trust me… when it comes to Disney shoes – THINK COMFORT! I will never understand the women I see at the park in flip-flops with zero support, or even worse – heels. Take it from me comfort is the way to go! You will never be the least fashionable person at Disney. Trust me.

For any Disney park newbies out there here is my What to Wear: Best Shoes for Disney Vacations. Variety is your friend – I advise bringing at least two¬† or three of the options below so that you can rotate out your shoes from day to day. With a little planning ahead you’ll see that comfort doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on style!

Best Shoes for Disney | Rose Tinted Home
[1] Nike || [2] New Balance || [3] J41 || [4] Jambu || [5] Crocs || [6] Tevas || [7] Keen || [8] Keen || [9] Birkenstock || [10] Born

Sneakers – This may be my mother talking (my mom is big on ‘comfortable walking shoes’ for trips) but you really can’t beat a good pair of sneakers at Disney. Unless you are accustomed to walking 9+ miles a day your feet are going to hurt by the end of this trip. Forget fashion for a minute and try comfort. Especially now that they make sneakers in so many amazing colors and styles. Go for a great pair of bright nikes or adidas sneakers and your feet will thank you (I personally love new balance shoes). The only downside – avoid on days you know you’ll be going on water rides. Sneakers and socks take forever to dry and it really isn’t fun walking around in wet shoes for a day (or even two days). I typically pack two pairs of sneakers so I can switch out during the trip in case they get wet.

J41s or Jambu – Love J41s! They are cute and you can wear them with shorts or pants (if you are going in cooler Florida months). I buy J41s for Disney and then end up wearing them all year long. A word of warning: Make sure you break these in before your trip – J41s tend to rub in new spots on your feet and if you aren’t used to wearing them you’ll have a hell of a blister on Day 2.

Crocs – By far the most light weight option, crocs are a great option for Disney. I know they’ve gone a little out of style (some of you might be cringing when I say crocs) but honestly they are so perfect for a day in the parks. They are comfortable, lightweight and offer great support. They are also great for days you know your feet might get wet (Kali River Rapids anyone?) because they dry fast and they won’t give you blisters when they are wet. Skip the bulky clog style and opt for a cute Mary Jane flat in an unobtrusive color.

Tevas – I haven’t worn Tevas since the 90’s – but I came across some of their new styles this month and they have some really cute options! For Disney you need your shoes to offer support and comfort.. but I refuse to pass on style. Their leather wedges are a perfect mix of the two.

Keens – For those athletic types who want to invest in a pair of shoes – Keens are a great option. As comfortable as sneakers without the hassle of having to wear socks. These are a great investment especially if you are the type of person that loves to hike or go kayaking and can get use out of them after your trip.

Sandals – To be worn in moderation and with caution. Often I’ll switch to sandals or flip-flops at the end of the day when I know we are just going for dinner and a stroll around Epcot’s World Showcase. I never wear sandals for an entire day – not enough support. But sometimes it is nice to let your feet breathe a little at the end of a long walking day in sneakers and socks. My advice? Even if you want your sandals to be dressier I’d still advise little or no heal and a ‘comfort’ sandal with a little support. Birkenstocks and Born sandals are great options.


I hope you find this list helpful! More Disney tips and tricks to come in the next few days!

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