Back from Vacation


 Our trip was amazing! Sun, sand, good friends and cold beer. I can’t say enough. But unfortunately today that is about all I’m going to say. I have a horrible head cold and will be going to bed soon to try to sleep it off. I hope you all had a better Monday than I did!

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  1. Looks like you’ve had a wonderful vacation, but so sorry to hear about that headache! Have you ever used essential oils (like peppermint) with an oil diffuser to help with headaches? I’m trying to use less medication and find more holistic ways of healing, so I’m interested to know if you’ve tried it or other remedies.

    1. Michelle – I have been so curious to try essential oils but I feel as though all of the different uses are so plentiful it becomes overwhelming! I don’t like taking medicine or pills either – and I love the idea of easing a headache or other pains with essential oils. I need to do some research and start to incorporate them into my daily usage. I’ve been looking into essential oil combinations to use as a natural bug spray alternative (the gnats here in Georgia are horrible!). The only time I’ve ever used peppermint was in a yoga class after a long restful savasana. Add a drop to your palms and massage into your temples or the nape of your neck. Man! What a way to wake up and leave class invigorated. xo Rachel

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