Pinwheel Baby Quilt

When Margo first told me that she was pregnant and due this October, my very first thought was how wonderful it would be to have some baby love here in Georgia. My second thought, I kid you not, was that I would need to have my mother make her a baby quilt. We always grew up with quilts around the house. My mom has been a quilter for as long as I can remember – I believe she found the hobby around the time my sister and I were born. We have quilts on every bed, draped over every couch, folded into every linen closet. We use them snuggle under, picnic on top of and in all cases, bring love and warmth into the home.
Quilt 4
My mom has specific taste. She loves country chic with a touch of traditional Victorian. Beautiful  but I have a very different style. I love quilts that are minimalistic and modern. You can surmise that whenever we put our heads together on a project there is butting involved. But we always come out with a beautiful product in the end. (I don’t know why I’m saying we. The only thing I do is pick out the fabric and the pattern on these “collaborative” projects. My mom is the true artist here.)
When I looked through patterns I wanted something playful and simple, with a lot of white in it. I instantly knew when I saw the classic pin wheel shape that it would work well as a baby quilt. Here was my inspiration:
Inspiration Photos:
Margo’s baby nursery is going to be mint green with touches of yellow and soft pink. I searched for ages to find the perfect shade of mint to compliment her nursery style. Most fabric I could find out there was more in the lime green family which I wanted to avoid. But when I found ‘Littlest Furry Tails‘ I knew the search was over. It was perfection. Not too girly. Irresistibly cute. In colors that would compliment Margo’s decor.
I was so excited to give Margo her quilt on Sunday. Here is the finished project!
 Quilt 3 Quilt
Margo's Quilt 3
I hope you had a great Labor Day weekend! We had fun relaxing, sun tanning on the beach and BBQing. On Saturday I spent time with my friend Margo and we had fun taking maternity pictures in Forsyth Park. What a day! Stay tuned tomorrow for photos from our photoshoot!

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