I’m Rachel, deep fried Yankee – i.e. a northern girl who has found herself living and loving in the south.

Rose Tinted Home is a place to celebrate creativity, navigating life and new challenges, and making a house a home. I started this blog in another life – but it has grown with me through meeting the love of my life, getting married, buying our first house together and learning to make the South feel like home. Each day I look for the good. I learn from the southern belles around me to smile and take the time to ask someone how their day has been. And each day I feel a little more comfortable in my own skin. Love and a great community can do that and I count those blessings every day.

Overall… I’m just a girl looking for inspiration and happiness in every day settings. I laugh a little too loud, love a little too hard, and over-plan pretty much everything.

Welcome to my Rose Tinted World.