A Weekend Away…

We are so excited to be headed out tomorrow morning (bright and early) for a weekend away with my very best friend in the whole world. Sarah and her husband chick happened to by flying down to Florida this weekend for a wedding, and though the wedding is about 5 hours from Savannah the cop and I jumped at the chance to visit with them!
Sarah and Rachel, Rose Tinted Home
Since normally a drive to see them would take 16 hours… which made 5 hours seem like a piece of cake. I haven’t seen Sarah since Christmas and I can’t wait to spend some quality time with her this weekend. True friends never grow apart, that love crosses state lines, busy schedules and any distractions But there really is no substitution for making time for each other in person. It’s mind boggling to me that the cop and Sarah have actually only met once! Now that we’ve been dating for about a year it seems funny to me that my best friend hardly knows the man I’m with. So beyond just a weekend of fun, I’m happy that Sarah and Chick will get to know the cop a little better and see us together as a couple.
Speaking of……
Another exciting event is happening this weekend that I am simply thrilled about … the cop and I will have officially been dating for one year. We were introduced on June 7th, and we were basically inseparable from that moment on. Just thinking about it I feel so many emotions. I feel as though I might burst. I’m so happy and so blessed, and I’m truly looking forward to all our second together year brings.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! xo Rachel

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