A Tale of Two Cities

We’re a few weeks into living together and I’m beginning to feel more at more at home in our space. The next item on our living area ‘To Do’ list that I wanted to tackle was hanging some sort of art work over the couch in the living room. Having previously owned a condo myself (and gone through the excited ‘nesting phase’ that comes with owning your first home) I already have quite a few decor items that I’ve accumulated over the years. A few of my favorite pieces are a series of prints I’ve collected from my hometown (Buffalo, NY – spread the BuffaLove). A few are from local artists, some are vintage prints and maps I’ve collected over the years. My favorite are a series of post cards from the Pan American Expedition that was held in Buffalo back in 1901.


Now that I’m living with the cop though it didn’t really make sense to have the tribute to Buffalo hanging proudly in the living room. And I certainly wasn’t leaving up the “decor” that the cop had on display. I put “decor” in quotation marks because I gotta tell ya…. a Fenway Park sign and a diploma? Not decor.


Instead I thought that it would be a great idea to mix our two hometowns together. Mixing and matching a few of my Buffalo prints with a wooden plaque he has from Marshfield, MA and a picture of the garden (compromise is the name of the game). I found this great print of Fenway on Etsy to mix in (and for $10! A steal!).

The last thing we are working on is the wall arrangement. Here are the options I’m mulling over at the moment.

Wall Arrangement

The first thing we did was measure the arrangement on the ground, then plan out on paper the measurements we would need to mark on the wall. Paper PlansThe next step was measuring out our dimensions on the wall itself. We used painters tape to avoid making marks on the wall itself.


Here is a look at the before:

Living Room Before

And the after!


It certainly took some time to make sure that everything was properly spaced and level, even Riley got tired half way through. But we rallied with the help of a few Coronas (did not help with the math portion of this endeavor) and ended up getting it finished before dinnertime on Saturday.


I’m pretty happy with the finished product, though I do have the nagging feeling that I may end up adding to the picture wall at some point down the road. For now though I think we pulled together a great look and spent under $30 on the project given that most of it was reused from our former homes.



DSC_0019 2

Thanks for visiting my rose tinted world!