8 Things To Do After You Get Engaged

8 Things to do After You Get Engaged | Rose Tinted Home

That Day or Evening:
1. Enjoy the Moment: Don’t pick up your phone. Don’t text. Don’t post. Stop, enjoy the moment and its hugeness. You are engaged. It is such an amazing feeling.
2. Call Your Parents. Mom and dad deserve to know first. Call them and share in the merriment.
3. Share the News with Family and Friends. Before updating your status on facebook or sending out a mass text, be sure to connect with family and friends directly to share your news. Call them personally. Quite honestly? This is your moment, your news, your joy. Savor the moment with your friends by taking the time to spread the news. Once you start calling the text messages and phone calls will roll in and it is really overwhelming. Start with with grandparents, siblings, close family members and friends. Stop and take a breath between phone calls. This is your moment to share! So go slowly and be sure you are still enjoying your day!
4. Hold off on Facebook. I certainly encourage you to share on facebook and watch the likes roll in. But the cop and I decided to wait until the next day to post on facebook, and I am so glad that we did. We were able to have a day with each other simply enjoying, and more personal moments with those closest to us. Sharing publicly on facebook the next day not only held off on the craziness (watching people ‘like’ your status all day is very distracting) but it was something to look forward to at work the next day.

The Next Day:
5. Post to Social Media. Once you’ve enjoyed your moment for a day or two and made the necessary calls, share away. Tweet, post to instagram, change your relationship status. I’ll be the first to admit it is fun for anyone to collect happy thoughts and well wishes from people they haven’t heard from in years.
6. Size and Insure Your Ring. If your ring happens to be off by a bit, get it sized right away so that you aren’t at risk of it slipping off of your finger. Step 2? Insure your ring! It’s just common sense people.
7. Get a manicure. Your hand will be in the face of everyone you come across, not to mention photographed for social media for those who are long distance. Gel is my preference, mostly because I am not high maintenance enough to repaint every few days. Bonus Step: Buy a ‘Connoisseurs Diamond Dazzle Stik‘. This quick cleaning stick will keep your ring shiny and sparkly for all of the admirers that are flocking you in the next few weeks.

8. Plan a Date Night. You are going to be telling your engagement story and asking questions until you are blue in the face. Be sure to take time in that first week to take your man out for a little romance and celebration before planning begins. We made reservations at a swanky downtown restaurant and spent the night enjoyed cocktails, live music and the retelling of our proposal story 255 times.

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