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So it happened… I’ve officially entered my 29th year. If you can’t tell by my tone I’m not exactly excited about this birthday.. or any birthday really. I’m just not a birthday person what can I say? Birthdays give me anxiety. I always try to manage my expectations so I’m not disappointed and then I sort of go into the day already disappointed. And turning a year older always makes me think about my goals, what I need to accomplish and how much time I’ve already lost. It’s silly I know – but it happens every year!

This year, in my very last 365 days before I enter my 30’s, I am making an effort in positive thinking! Today instead of focusing on the goals I have ahead, I want to take a moment and express my gratitude for things I’ve accomplished and been blessed with. Goals can wait until tomorrow.

First and foremost I am so grateful for my loving fiance. I still can’t believe I was lucky enough to meet him, and I can honestly say I have never felt this loved. My life will be forever changed for having met him. During my 29th year we will plan our wedding! A year of preparing for the day we become husband and wife. What an amazing feeling.

I’m thankful for my family – the health of my grandparents who are still going strong in their late 80s, my parents and sister though they are far away, and my inspirational godmother, who this year more than ever has taught me the power of positivity.

I’m blessed to have a comfortable home in the heart of downtown Savannah, a pup that loves me unconditionally, a workplace that supports a healthy lifestyle and provides yoga for staff, and a job that allows me to work towards something I am proud of.

When you think about it like that … 29 feels pretty damn good.

Over the weekend I thought about the things I believe at 29. Small beliefs or experiences that I’ve come to know as true. Some are silly, some are things I live by. 29 Things I Believe at 29. I’m excited to tuck my thoughts away and compare them at 39, 49, 59 and beyond. Some things may change, but things like love and family (and the importance of Disney) I believe never will!

29 Things I Believe at 29

  1. Our choices control our future.
  2. If you are spending money on something, let it be your home or your family.
  3. If you can walk somewhere on a nice day instead of drive, walk!
  4. There is nothing wrong with reading your favorite books 12 times. Even 15.
  5. Sometimes you have to let yourself be a little vulnerable in order to really connect with someone you love. With the right person, it is totally worth it.
  6. Having a job is a good thing, but it isn’t really the ultimate thing.
  7. A woman can never have too many winter dress coats. They make a first impression and lasting statement.
  8. There is no diet, no pants size, no weight on the scale that is worth missing out on indulging with family and friends.
  9. Children are good for the soul.
  10. Don’t apologize for taking ‘me’ time once in a while.
  11. Discover the exercise that makes you feel good and in control of your body. It may take some trial and error. Then find time for it in your day.
  12. Eat your vegetables first. It makes fills you up and makes them taste better (as opposed to after the bite of that juicy burger).
  13. When in doubt, over dressed is always better than under dressed.
  14. Having something to plan makes tomorrow brighter. Whether it’s a party, a vacation, a DIY project or a big move. Make plans!
  15. Put lotion on your hands, elbows, neck and face every single day.
  16. Dogs are calming, healing, and in general have magical powers to make you a happier healthier person.
  17. Start saving money when you are 21. It adds up before you know it. And really, you don’t have much you need to buy at 21.
  18. Wear sunscreen! Even one bad burn can put you at risk (I’m not kidding).
  19. Write down your goals down every day. Then write a step you can take today to get one step closer. Small action steps towards big goals.
  20. Sounding like your mother is not such a bad thing. In fact she is pretty amazing.
  21. Friendships take work. It’s OK to only put work into those that bring out the best in you.
  22. Serve ice cream in a ramekin at home. Small portions. Even if you have to fill the ramekin up twice :).
  23. A drastic change in hair cut or color can improve your outlook on life. And good stylists are worth the cost.
  24. There is nothing like a little nesting to make you feel grounded and at home.
  25. Lavender for sleeping. Lotion, linen spray, shampoo, face wash – you name it. Lavender for sleeping.
  26. Visiting Disney is an adventure, not a vacation. And it is a magical one. Give in to the magic!
  27. Everyone should live away from home for a period of their lives.
  28. If you’ve found love, you are a lucky one. Work every day to cherish, value and keep that love.
  29. Some days I still feel 26.. and that’s OK. Age is just a number right?



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  1. Uma Gokhale says: Reply

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    1. Thank you Uma! So sweet of you 🙂

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