10 Thoughtful Things to do for Your Man

10 Thoughtful Things to do for Your Man | Rose Tinted HomeWith work, exercise, and general to-dos filling our daily lives, sometimes it’s hard to carve out time to show someone you really care. I’ve been making a mindful effort lately to stop and find small simple ways to show the cop how much I love him (Remember my list of 5 Inexpensive Date Ideas?). Showing someone you care doesn’t have to be grand or expensive. It often times doesn’t take much effort either. And it is amazing how something so small can make you feel so good.

I want the cop to feel as though he ‘has it made’ with me – one of my dad’s favorite lines. My father always says the reason he and my mom are so happy after 30 years of marriage is that they both ‘have it made’. It doesn’t mean that life is effortless and things come easy to them. It means that they both make a conscious effort to make the other person’s life easier, happier, more fulfilled. They are always looking for ways to support and validate each other. If that doesn’t say love I don’t know what does.

So here’s a quick list of ideas for all of you readers out there today. A short list of 10 Thoughtful Things to do for Your Man. I hope you find time this week to work them into your routine! Who knows… it may leave you both smiling.


10 Thoughtful Things to do for Your Man

1. Make his breakfast. Every day the cop falls out of bed to prepare his usual breakfast – eggs and oatmeal. Save him an extra 10-15 minutes under the covers by offering to whip breakfast up for him. Extra points for coffee and a kiss on the side.

2. Casually turn on his favorite DVRed program instead of your recorded episodes of grey’s/the bachelor/insert your favorite bad TV show here. Comically enough the cop loves to watch Cops. Or Drugs Inc. Or 48 Hours. Anything to do with fighting crime or learning about the underworld he will soak it all in. I find it hard to sit through an hour of cops, but occasionally I’ll swallow down my complaints and turn it on just because I know he enjoys it. Anything for love right? He does after all watch 19 Kids and Counting for me.

3. Leave a note on the coffee pot. When the cop works late hours, I’m usually up and out the door before he wakes up. So I love to make a large enough pot of coffee for two, and I make sure he notices it by leaving a bright yellow sticky note on the pot to catch his attention. I know when I wake up it’s always nice to have someone make the coffee for me, so I hope he enjoys the return favor.

4. Do his ‘usual’ chore without saying anything. The cop and I have seemingly acquired our ‘usual’ chores without having talked about it. I tackle 90% of the laundry, he vacuums Riley’s tumbleweeds of fur. Once in a while when he is at the gym or still at work I’ll whip out the vacuum cleaner and go a round at the apartment, just so that he can come home and not have to worry about something he usually does a few times a week.

5. Bring him an afternoon coffee at work for that 3 pm lull. So much easier if your husband works in an office.. but occasionally I can even find a time where the cop is in the precinct doing paperwork and will be able to bring him a hot steaming cup of pick-me-up. Are we seeing a recurring theme here? Nothing like a cup of joe to tell someone you care.

6. Say a prayer for him. He may never know this, see it or hear you, but somehow I have faith it will find it’s way to his heart. I often say prayers for the cop, especially during those long night shifts when I know he is on an op. To keep him safe, keep him strong and bring him home when the job is done.

7. Wear something you know he likes. Whether it’s the necklace he bought you last Christmas or the dress he once told you he couldn’t keep his eyes of you in – slip into something you know your man likes, and then take him out for a night on the town.

8. Offer to cook and clean. We have a pretty standard ‘she cooks, he cleans’ (or vis versa) policy going on under our roof, but occasionally I know it’s nice to hear someone offer to take on both. Especially after a long day at work.

9. Leave him a love note in a pants pocket. Keep it sweet or.. not so sweet (wink wink). Whatever mood you’re in.

10. Try his favorite hobby. The cop has been saying that he wants to take me to a shooting range for months now, but I always drag my feet. I really have little or no interest in learning how to shoot a gun. But I’m thinking I should learn for two reasons: 1. If we’re going to have guns in the house (which we obviously will with my future husband being a cop) I should know how to work a gun just in case. and 2. If he wants me to learn, why not give it a try? Even if it’s just for a day you’ll learn more about your partner in every way.

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